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Maine Christmas Charities

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Charities that offer help during the holiday season in Maine. Please post feedback about any charities you may know about.

Editor's Note: Do NOT post here if you need help. ThriftyFun does not have resources to give direct help to those in need.


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By Amanda12/14/2010

Angel tree is one but wings of love out of Belfast Me. Is awesome and help out a lot. Salvation army as was mentioned and my friend told me hands of hope in bangor does stuff.

By Liz Naber (Guest Post)10/31/2008

The Bruce Roberts fund through the portland press herald has wonderful toys available to families. The deadline is Nov 7, and they provide 4 age appropriate quality toys to each child. The ask for your income and your expenses and they feel that if you need the help enough to ask then you qualify. Good Luck!

By Rebecca (Guest Post)10/20/2008

There are some places that can help the middle class, its true that there isn't much help out there for those who make a little bit more than "income guidelines" but Salvation Army helps with Christmas gifts for children, I did it for the first time last year for my boyfriends daughter and will do so again this year for her and our son. If I remember correctly they didn't require any proof of income, I think on the paperwork it does ask what your income is but they didn't even really look at it.

By (Guest Post)10/20/2008

There is nothing that helps the middle class that can't get buy this winter everything helps out the low class which it should but the middle class is whats getting hit so hard this winter. Do you know for assistance through the city for a family of 4 you can only make 1200 a month so if you make 2000 a month you are out of luck. That's unfair. Does anyone know of any help?

By sherley brackett (Guest Post)12/16/2006

thank you very much for all your thoughts and help ,may God bless you all this Christmas season .

By Mary [12]12/15/2006

Contact your local newspaper and television station. They usually have a list of agencies that participate in gifts for children at Christmas. Catholic Charities, local churches, Boys and Girls Clubs, Toys for Tots Mr. Austin Richards Mattawamkeag/Lincoln, Maine 207-736-7039, Salvation Army (Church Street O.O.B. ME 04064, York County, 207-934-4381 - not sure if this is near you) come to mind. You'll need to hurry because lists fill up quickly and you may run into a problem where most have already filled up. Just don't give up.

By (Guest Post)12/14/2006

I don't have any specific suggestions but I do know that many churches and other service groups are there to help you. All you need to do is give them a call. If you are not real comfortable asking, have a friend call.

Also, give a call to the school they are in. In my area, the school as a staff member to help kids in situations and also knows the groups to contact for further assistance.

God Bless

By Heather Krucker [10]12/13/2006

First--God Bless you and your family. Second--Salvation Army is the first place I would go. I live in Florida and I know our church has a mission of giving gifts and full dinners for those who are in need--so I am sure a local church would be more than happy to help you.

By Debbie (Guest Post)11/15/2005

Their is a list on the freecycle southern maine site. But this is a really good one that was able to help me good luck to you too.


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