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Health Concerns About Food Canned in China


Recently I've heard several people mention that they wouldn't eat Chinese canned goods. I buy different products from Dollarama (such as mandarin oranges, mushrooms, etc.) that come from China and am wondering what others think about using them? Thanks!

By Glenda Eileen from Canada


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By Lilac [20] 06/02/2011

I don't know how safe they are but you are right to be concerned. I think the Chinese government has shown us they cannot be trusted. This is not the fault of the people. I eat nothing from China. It is almost impossible to find mandarin oranges or leitchy nuts that do not come from there. I don't buy them and live without them. My 16 year old cat died in 2006 from eating bad cat food from there.

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By Loretta [18] 06/02/2011

We are careful to avoid, as much as we are able, all canned foods from china. Their laws do not match ours in cleanliness, and we only have to be sick and in the hospital one time to regret any food we ever ate that came from there. Just because we like that particular food, or it was cheaper. If you can't find information as to source on the printed label, you can sometimes tell by a printed code on the can, which I can't recall right now, but you can research it on line, I am sure. It is like "prc" for peoples republic of china, or something. Better safe than sorry.

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By LisaE [23] 06/02/2011

I also avoid buying any canned goods from China. As mentioned, their laws are not as strict as ours for food safety. We also do not eat in any chinese restaurants around here. Once every year, the newspaper prints violations that were found in area restaurants and most Chinese restaurants were found to keep raw vegetables on the shelf directly under raw meats/poultry. A few years ago one Chinese restauarnt was food to have dead dogs in their freezer. Anyway, I stay away from all food products (and any products I can) that are made in China.

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By Rogers [3] 06/02/2011

I think you would be taking a chance at this point. Much better to buy local when you can and buy mandarin oranges from another souce. You can replace them with fresh Bluebell oranges from Florida and they are better in my opinion, especially fresh. Can be ordered online.

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By Tapestry Lady [2] 06/02/2011

If I pick up something in the grocery store that says produce of China on it I put it back. Their safety record isn't exactly stellar and to be frank I wouldn't trust it. It's bad enough that everything seems to be made there anymore, but I draw the line at food. With food the closer to home the better.

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By 06/02/2011

There's no way I would ever knowingly eat or drink any food product made in China! There are so many news articles out there about intentional food contamination in that country! Read this information on just one item and think about how little they would care about foreigners if they'll do this to their own children! And the Chinese government tried to cover this particular poisoning up, even hiding the knowledge from their own citizens, because it occured during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and they didn't want to lose face (and Olympic tourism dollars) because of it!

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By glenda eileen lockhart [61] 06/05/2011

Thanks for the feedback, I guess it's time to compost the 10 cans of mushrooms in the cupboard! There were 6 varities at my grocery store when I shopped yesterday and everyone of them came from China. Sounds like some jobs could be created in North America growing and processing our own!

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By Veronica [10] 06/14/2011

With all due respect, I have a hard time believing LisaE2, it sounds like a posting by someone who is fond of urban myths and not fond of Chinese people. However, if you are concerned about food you've bought, do some research! You can start by checking out this article:

I understand people go on here to check for tips, but asking people about something you could easily research yourself, and then trusting their advice so much that you take it as 100% gospel truth and trust your family's food safety to them is naive and dangerous. I don't understand why people ask unqualified, random strangers for advice on everything from what to eat to who to vote for. Do some research, and make sure you ask and/or read a study by an expert. Double-check your facts, too. And stop trusting anonymous strangers so much.

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By 12/04/2012

I have been breaking out in hives for the past few months and can't figure out why. I initially thought it was medicine but continued to get them after stopping all meds. The only thing I eat differently was I enjoyed canned mandarin oranges that I would buy from the dollar store or dollar general, even from grocery stores, name brand sometimes. I noticed ALL are from China. Since stopping eating them I haven't had an outbreak, it has only been a few days but am hoping I finally found the answer. Will be more careful from now on.

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