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Checkbook Didn't Come With a Duplicate Flap

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I bought a checkbook wallet and it does not have a duplicate flap. You know the little plastic flap that goes between the duplicate checks so that when you are writing a check, the writing wont go thru to the next check. Do you have any ideas on what else I can use instead of this plastic flap protector?




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By Alan12/17/2009

Go to Tandy Leather The item is called NCR Checkbook Insert. They cost $1.99

By Linda (Guest Post)04/04/2007

Easiest way? Ask the bank for another one - with the flap.

By strawboss (Guest Post)04/04/2007

What works best for me is to cut a greeting card or the card stock type which comes in panty hose about an inch or two longer than the checks and just a bit wider and just stick it between the carbon and the next check. It works really fine and doesn' t fall out.

By Kim [2]04/04/2007

I think a piece of thin cardboard like from the back of a notebook cut to size would work well.

By Marge Mayhew [2]04/04/2007

Save the square of plastic from a package of bacon, wash it well and cut to size. Wash out a milk jug and cut the size you need from the flat side of the milk carton.

By Jean (Guest Post)04/04/2007

I took a 4x6 index card and cut it down to fit.
It worked great!
Or you could use one of those irritating cards that are stuck between the pages in a magazine.

By Melanie (Guest Post)04/04/2007

My chequebook came like that too... so now when I write a cheque I pull the actual chequebook out a bit and put the top flap down and write on top of it, using the cover as the duplicate flap. Works great!

By Kylie [5]04/04/2007

Try using a thin piece of cardboard cut to size for your cheque book.

By edieparks (Guest Post)04/03/2007

I just cut myself a piece of thin cardboard the exact size. I used the back of a pack of checks.

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