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Plastic tub in mobile home has yellowed?

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Can anyone tell me what in the world will make these plastic tubs in a newer mobile home white again? We bought this one after it sat empty 2 years and I have tried everything, even clorox to get these tubs white! I would appreciate any suggestions.


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By ramesastry11/20/2014

Pour 2 tablespoons of caustic soda in to the hot water. Smear this solution on the yellowed tub.leave it for 15 min and clean it with plain water. Do this process with rubber hand glove. Do not touch this by bare hand. Do this process in absence of children. See the image in google. caustic soda is a white crystalline substance.

By Linda01/18/2008

I don't even know how I stumbled on this post about a stained mobile home bathtub but very glad I did. Our plastic-like bathtub was seriously stained red when our well started pulling rust. We had to drill a new well, but nothing would even budge the red stains, as they seemed to have become one with the plastic. Then I read the post about using Castrol Super Clean in the Purple gallon jug at Walmart. The bottle didn't say "Castrol" but it was purple and called "Super Clean" so I bought it. The tub is clean for the first time in 9 years. I had used every cleanser, harsh chemical, and abrasive (including Magic Eraser and pumice stone) and nothing even so much as lightened the stains. I even filled the tub with straight bleach and used Iron Out (provided by our water company) with no visible results. I can't even imagine what else Super Clean can tackle, but it's made a believer out of me.

By kathy (Guest Post)08/11/2005

My mom moved into a new house and the plastic tub to her dishwasher was so stained and yellow. A repair man told her to use TANG- the orange powdered flavored drink. She was sceptical-but it worked!

By Bonny08/10/2005

I use Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.It cleans my tub,even cleans permanant marker off walls.and is really cheap.

By (Guest Post)08/08/2005

Hi There,
I swear by this product, Its called Castrol Super Clean. Its located in the Automotive section of Walmart and it sells for like $ 5.98 or so a gallon. Its in a purple plastic gallon bottle. I put it full strength into a spray bottle and I tell you it CLEANS EVERYTHING! Walls, Showers bathtubs ,
rims on your car, aluminum siding on your house. Anything at all. Years ago my son introduced me to this product and I have been hooked ever since. I have recomenned to others so very many times. I also use it on my patio furniture too. The uses are endless. Good Luck.

By Rebekah [1]08/08/2005

I would try Westly's Wheel White .. you'd find it in the automotive cleaners section, it's meant to be a cleaner for whitewall tires but works very well on most any porous surface. We bought a lakeside home with the plastic decking that was very yellow and stained from sap and the WheelWhite cleaned it beautifully!

As for a more natural cure .. a baking soda or borax paste might work as well .. it just depends on how severe the yellowing is.

Once you get it clean again I would use a car wax paste like Turtle Wax to seal the tub and prevent the yellowing from happening again. Just be careful on the bottom so there aren't any slips!

Good Luck to you!


By Jack M08/07/2005

HI Sandee,
We live in Louisiana and also have a mobile home. We tried everything to get the tub and dishwasher clean and the only thing that we found that works wonders we got from the dollar store. It comes in a green plastic container that holds about a quart. It has a sort of flip top opening. It's called "The Works".
We also use it to clean the outside pump sand filter container. It seems that anything that the water comes in contact with turns brown eventually.
So check out the dollar store for the Works as it cost only a dollar and it will work real well for you. By the way, don't scrub the tub, just put it on and let it drip down the sides. Use a sponge to spead it around and then sit back and let it work. Be sure to rinse it all off good before using the tub.
We also put it in a spray bottle and spray the shower when we are done showering.
Good Luck

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