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Causes of Body Odor

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I have a strange odor emanating from my body. It's not a "BO" odor, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for when it starts. At first I thought it was some medication I was taking and which I stopped taking, but the odor continues. It isn't food related either. I went to the doctor and I have her stumped. What could be causing this?

By as327 from NY


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By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]08/29/2009

Yes, I hate to say it, but you need a second opinion. Many illnesses cause different body odors. One church friend who had terrible BO had cancer... another had diabetes. If you're uncomfortable with your own odor, the first friend I mentioned started taking charcoal capsules, and that helped eliminate her BO. God bless. Jo

By Elaine [129]08/29/2009

Recently on "The Doctors" show, they had a woman on there who had body odor and no matter what she did she could not get rid of it. I honestly don't remember the remedy but maybe could go to their website and do a search. Good Luck!

By lisa Hegewald [3]08/28/2009

Are you diabetic? There is a certain odor to that.

By Maryeileen [76]08/28/2009

Problems with the liver and/or intestines can cause body odor. Go to another doctor.

By christine M. Thayer [2]08/28/2009

Strange smells can be candida over growth, & when you describe a smell, others may not recognize the smell as that. Everyone's nose is different & there are conditions that make you smell things in a different way. It's why good perfume smells different to different people.
Candida has a smell when it is in the shoes, clothes, underarm, everywhere. You could try taking some parsley, either fresh or in caps, you just need a lot of it, but if it's candida, it's serious, get it under control.

By cettina [74]08/28/2009

This may sound crazy, but could it be your clothing? Maybe you have changed your laundry soap, fabric softener? You may still smell if after a shower you are drying yourself with towels washed in the detergent, fabric conditioner that you have changed? This happened to me until I realized it wasn't me but I had changed to using vinegar in my laundry and the smell seemed to cling to only me in my family! I was obviously using too much vinegar!

By Regina08/28/2009

When I started taking Omega-3 fish oil I eliminated any body odor. Since it is an important nutrient at least it will help your body even if it doesn't help your odor problem.

By susan cantin [5]08/27/2009

Do you have migraine headaches? My hubby used to give off a weird chemical smell just before he got his headaches. I always knew when he was in for a dilly. It was so bad nobody would go near him. It eventually disappeared as he got older, although the migraines were still there.

By PENNY K [15]08/25/2009

Are you taking any herbs or vitamins? I took St John's wort and one very hot day I kept smelling something like a decaying swamp. It was me.

Worked one short job in a warehouse during a hot summer and I could smell all the coffee I drank sweating out of me.

Lots of people love lavender, perfume, soap, shampoo, etc. I like the smell but on my skin it turns really odd.

My guess is it's something you take in, or slather on.

If it smells like keytone/acetone/finger nail remover, could be an indicator of diabetes, but that's mainly a breath thing.

Garlic and asparagus cause a strange smell in my urine, but only as long as it takes to digest them.

By Cajun [55]08/25/2009

I think you have to be more specific... is the smell like a popcicle? motor oil? banana pudding? Chanel 5? and is it every day?

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