Homemade Columns for a Wedding Reception


How do I make cheap columns? Has anyone ever made them out of PVC piping?

By Laurie


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By NYGardens 5 09/02/2010

I have been in the floral / wedding biz for over 2 decades. I would be glad to help you for free, but need a few details first:

* What area are these used for [like sectioning off cocktail area from the reception area]
* Are they seen from both sides?
* Are they near where folks could lean on them?
* Are they to be moved after a time?
* What size/height did you want?
* How many did you need?
* How much can you spend for all [$20, $50, $100?]
* What is date of wedding?
Let me know and i can repost answers here!
And Congratulations, by the way!

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By Vicki 24 428 09/02/2010

I've never made any columns out of PVC pipe, but I am sure it could be done. You might consider the paper rolls from inside carpet rolls (from a carpet stoor or carpet supplier) also. They are large (long and around) and heavy weight. I would imagine you could obtain some free from a carpet store or "home depot" type store, or surely they wouldn't charge you much for something they trash probably. Also cardboard (even paper) can be painted, believe it or not, whereas the PVC would be a bit trickier to paint, but if you used white and wanted white anyway, no painting at all.

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By Marsha 1 267 09/02/2010

Go to a building supply (like for a furniture shop) and ask for heavy cardboard cylinders. They come in different diameters, and are sold by the foot. Used primarily to be covered with "curved wood" like woodworker's tambour (also available at the same shop). You can build really beautiful columns with these materials, but they're on the expensive side.

You could also just use the heavy cardboard cylinders and add texture with common spackle or
marbelize them using several different faux-painting techniques. Actually, we need a lot more information in order to give you an educated estimate of how and what you need or can do.


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Archive: Homemade Columns for a Wedding Reception

Make your own columns for a wedding reception. We are using the cardboard tubes from our nearest carpet store, painting them white, and zip tying 3 of them together, then decorating with tulle and twinkle lights. The only cost is the tulle and lights.


Archive: Homemade Columns for a Wedding Reception

Someone posted a suggestion about making columns from boxes awhile back. I can't find it now. I ordered boxes from Uline, but would love to see pictures of the finished product.

My daughter is getting married May 15. The reception is in a church gym.

By SUNNY from GA

RE: Homemade Columns for a Wedding Reception

Instead, you buy construction cement molds. These are big cardboard tubes and they make wonderful columns especially if painted to look like "marble". (04/28/2010)

By Cyinda

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