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Car Heater Not Blowing Warm Air

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I need help with the heater in my 1989 Mazda b 2600. The heater is not blowing hot and cab is staying cold. If anybody can help with suggestions it would be great.

By Jeff from Virginia Beach, VA


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By Chasity [2]12/11/2009

Same with me, just needed antifreeze or water, and I had froze all that time!

By JFlowers12/10/2009

This happened to me also. I went all winter with out heat in my car! Thank heavens I live in Florida. The simple fix was water. My husband had to put water in the resivor under the hood. Hope this fixes your problem. Happy Holidays

By Gina Johnston [12]12/10/2009

IF you see a sudden abrupt change in the engine temp, or if you check under the hood and BOTH the upper and lower radiator hose are not hot at operating temperature (if one is cold and one is hot) then your thermostat is not functioning.

However, sounds like the heater core...harder to get to and more expensive, unfortunately. I would make sure that I purchase the Haynes or Chilton's manual for your vehicle (around 12 dollars) and you can trouble shoot it yourself. Also, find your friendliest parts store like Napa and beg for help! Good Luck!

By Donna J. Cole [2]12/10/2009

You need a new thermostat. My car was doing the same thing.

By yessy [5]12/08/2009

Maybe the heater core?

By Dave [1]12/08/2009

Check coolant level first, next choice is a stuck thermostat which would need to be replaced.

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