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Beef Brisket for 200 People

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How much brisket do I need to feed 200 people?

By Grammy from San Angelo, TX


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By debrajoan12/26/2014

How much prime rib do I need for 200?

By beverly Conner [1]03/28/2011

Figure 1/4 pound per person, as there is usually other food involved.

By Joanne03/27/2011

Try checking out You can find a recipe, and there's a feature to put in how many people you need the recipe for.


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Archive: Beef Brisket for 200 People

How much brisket do I need to feed about 200 people?

By Joedy from Albuquerque, NM

RE: Beef Brisket for 200 People

If you figure 1/4 lb per person, that's 50 lbs if my math is correct. I am not sure what else you are serving with it or how you are making it, but I would add an extra 5-8 lbs to that just so you don't run short. (04/20/2010)

By Amy3e

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