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Clothing Ironing Tips

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Tips for ironing clothing. Post your ideas.


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By attilathehen. (Guest Post)08/17/2008

I use deionised water in my iron because the water round here is so hard. I add a few drops of lavender oil to the water, shake it up well and then put it in my iron. I also use tap water with lavender oil in a spray bottle. You could use any essential oil, but I like lavender and it's the cheapest.

By Jill (Guest Post)10/28/2006

I love my steam iron, but hate all of the mess and time it takes to fill it. Does anyone know a really fast and easy way to fill a steam iron without getting water all over, etc.?

By rennee (Guest Post)07/09/2005

Where does Sadiesnana get lavendar water for ironing??

By Pat07/06/2005

I love to iron! I take some items out of the dryer a little before they are completely dry and then iron them with a little lavender water spray. The aroma is so very nice and
does linger nicely on the clothing. It also makes the iron glide easily over the fabrics.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/06/2005

I love mixing 1 part fabric softener to 5 parts water and spraying my laundry with it before ironing. It not only makes my clothes smell wonderful, but it makes pressing a snap and the items stay wrinkle free. I also use it to freshen my curtains and bedding and closets.


By Mitzi [21]12/30/2004

Ironing table cloths: Fold cloth in half length wise and iron one side of cloth, avoiding the center fold. Turn cloth over and iron the other side. When both sides are complete, place cloth on the ironing board down the middle and press the middle crease. Makes table cloth ironing a LOT easier. Also, Magic Sizing comes in mighty handy and can be purchased at a Dollar store for guess what ... a dollar!

By Jo Bodey [1]12/17/2004

My ironing tip is - don't! As you gradually replace your clothes get rid of any item that needs ironing and replace with items that don't. Line drying or hanging immediately when removing from dryer also cuts down on creasing and the necessity to iron - leaving washing in 'ironing baskets' lead to very creased clothes and produces more ironing! I have only 2 cotton shirts that need ironing and I usually don't bother ironing those if I'm not going anywhere special. My iron is used for sewing projects and my ironing board lives out in the back shed I use it so infrequently. Unless you need to look very smart for work or socialising ironing is a total waste of time and effort in my opinion. Give yourself permission to free yourself from this boring repetetive chore - unless you enjoy it of course!



By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]12/16/2004

Fill a trigger spray bottle with water and keep it with your ironing supplies. Always handy.

Reuse a detergent bottle (cleaned of all detergent traces) by filling it with water for filling your steam iron.

By Syd

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