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Cleaning a 1930's Handmade Silk Wedding Dress

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I have a 1930's handmade silk wedding dress. Does anyone know how I can clean this myself? Thanks so much!

Sunny from Shawee on Delaware, PA



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By SUNNY [1]02/29/2008

Thanks to all who left great feedback for me and my wedding dress. I greatly appreciate all of your help. It's so nice to know that people care enough to take time out to help. Bless you all :-)

By Vickie Kibellus02/29/2008

DO NOT TRY A HOME DRYCLEANING KIT. This could destroy it. Contact a museum or a dealer in vintage clothing. I totally destoyed a silk chiffon heavily beaded flapper dress by hand washing it. It disintegrated, but I kept the beaded parts.

By Kathy Klahn [3]02/28/2008

DO NOT TRY TO CLEAN THIS YOURSELF! A good cleaners will clean and preserve it for you. It is well worth the money if you love it.

By Linda (Guest Post)02/28/2008

Don't even attempt to do this yourself. Contact a museum and find out the number of someone who does restorations on old fabric.

By dar (Guest Post)02/28/2008

If you really can not afford the cleaners. Go to the grocery store and buy a dry cleaning kit for using your dryer make sure you get Dryell for the first time. Get the whole kit because it will have a bag for your clothes, and you can put your gown in by itself(If your feeling brave). Good Luck you should post a picture of your gown. I bet there are a lot of people who would love to see it. One being me! Take Care and Good Luck what ever you do.

By Lori Tomlinson [4]02/26/2008

Please, do not attempt to clean the dress. I worked in the Historical Museum field for 8 years. It may look or feel sturdy, but this can be misleading. The threads and fabric may be weakened, and any attempt to wash it can cause the dress to literally fall apart. I would contact a local historical museum and ask if they can recommend a conservator who can determine whether or not it can be cleaned. Good luck! Lori in Florida

By LuvMyGingerKids [46]02/26/2008

Personally I wouldn't risk it. Bring it to a professional, OK? It sounds lovely.

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