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Slogan Ideas for a Cleaning Business

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A woman who owns a professional cleaning business.

A catchy phrase to explain your service, and a easy to remember name can help you attract customers. This guide contains slogan ideas for a cleaning business.



Here are questions related to Slogan Ideas for a Cleaning Business.

Question: Name and Slogan for Cleaning Business

I am a college student starting a residential and commercial cleaning service. I need help coming up with a business name and slogan. I had thought about something along the lines of "Southern Clean" (something about)the south's reputation for homemaking. But I am open to crazy, funny, and/or completely different ideas.

By Lauren from Auburn, AL


Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Hayes [18]04/27/2010

l, too, am from the South, so here goes:
1) Just-a-Dustin'
2) Company just bake the cake
3) Gone With the Window Cleaners...don't think about cleaning today or tomorrow.
4) Southern Pride Home Care(I like this one, myself)
Let us know what you choose!

Question: Slogan for Commercial Cleaning Business

My company name for my commercial cleaning business is "Debbie Also Does Cleaning". I need help with a slogan.

By Debbie from Sacramento, CA


Most Recent Answer

By DEBBIE [1]05/27/2010

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I think I'm going to steer clear from "Debbie Does" and probably go with Debbie's 5 Star Service instead. I think it's more respectable. Thanks again for your input. Do you think I can have some help with a slogan for Debbie's 5 Star Service? Thanks everyone.

Question: Residential Cleaning Business Slogan and Name Ideas

I am starting up a residential cleaning business and I am having a hard time figuring out a name and a slogan for the business.

By Lolly

Most Recent Answer

By Maddy05/13/2011

How about Have "Time to Lolly Gag while we clean your home" or "Time to Lolly Gag home cleaning services" It's something that has your name in it and is unique...

Question: Slogan for an Upscale House Cleaning Business

I need a catchy slogan for my house cleaning business. It needs to be something referring to upscale homes, as this will be the home that I will be working for. Do you have any ideas for a catchy slogan or for a logo as well? Thank you for your time and suggestions.


Most Recent Answer

By Sandy Gerber [22]05/21/2010

Your Beautiful Home Cleaning Service
Castle Cleaners
Castle Cleaning
Four Star Cleaning
Touch of Gold Cleaning

Question: Name and Slogan for a Commercial Cleaning Business

I am starting a commercial cleaning business and I want to use the name and slogan for "Bubbles." Any ideas?

By Toni

Most Recent Answer

By Tammy [2]04/08/2010

Bubble, bubble have no trouble with dirt and grime!
Bubble Bubble have no trouble we clean it all Big or Small Call .........

Question: Cleaning Business Slogan and Logo Ideas

My company name is Andi's Absolute Clean. I would like suggestions on a slogan and logo please.

By Andrea N.

Most Recent Answer

By Jenny G.01/09/2015

Andi's Absolute Clean
When you absolutely need the best!

Question: Catchy Slogan for Cleaning Service

I'm starting a cleaning company (commercial and residential). It is called Dream Clean Solutions Inc.
I need a catchy slogan, pls help!

By Sanja

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]06/06/2014

My house was a nightmare until I called DreamClean.

Question: Professional Steam Cleaning Company Slogan

I am starting a steam cleaning company. The name of the company is Professional Steam Cleaning. I need a nice slogan for it. Thank you if someone can help.

By Aharon

Most Recent Answer

By Wendy Nelms T.04/16/2014

Get Steamed

Question: Cleaning Service Slogan

I am needing a slogan for myself and twin sister's cleaning service.

By Jayne from Nashville, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 [7]04/13/2014

How about something along the lines of "The Twins make it twice as clean!", "Twins make things Doubly clean", "Doubly clean with Twin power", or "Twice as clean with Twins!"?

Question: Slogan for a Duct Cleaning Service

My company name is MNE; it is a duct cleaning service. I need a slogan that consists of three words in which each word will start with M, N, and E respectively. Can you guys give some suggestions?

By Martin

Most Recent Answer

By Sarah Zumba N.12/27/2013

Making Nasty Extinct

Question: Slogan Ideas for a Cleaning Business

I'm trying to start my own cleaning service and was thinking of Tidy Maids for my name. I just can't think of a quote. Can you help with a slogan that goes with Tidy Maids?

By CC from Aiken, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [424]04/24/2012

"Call Tidy Maid and Watch Dirt Fade"
I also like The Maid Brigade
Hope that helps.

Question: Slogan and Logo for Cleaning Business

My company name is Hanna's Southern Angels Cleaning Service. I would like a suggestion on a slogan and logo please.

    By hanna.debra [1]

    Question: Slogan for Cleaning Company

    I recently started a residential and commercial cleaning company that I named, Maid2Perfection, but I am really stuck on coming up with a slogan to use on my marketing materials. Any ideas?

    By Michele

    Question: Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas

    My husband and I are starting a cleaning business. The name is "Unity Cleaning Services" and we are having a tough time coming up with a slogan.

    By Tameka G.

    Question: Name and Slogan for Cleaning and Repair Service

    We are starting a cleaning business, hopefully mostly focusing on new builds. It may include other properties (rentals?) We can also do some repairs. How do we name it so that we don't restrict ourselves to cleaning? And a slogan would be great!

    By Linda M

    Question: Motto For Clothes That Haven't Cleaned Well

    I work in a dry cleaners and want to write a memo for the clothes that haven't clean totally, and they can't be cleaned more. Do you have any ideas for a slogan for this problem? I'd like something tricky, like "Oops! almost clean, but...!". Thanks a lot!

    By Marita Candy V.

    Question: Slogan Ideas for House Cleaning Business

    My cleaning business name is LCM, any catchy slogan suggestions?

    By Chloe.M

    Question: Slogan Ideas for Cleaning Business

    Starting a residential and commercial cleaning business, and trying to come up with a catchy slogan. The name is "xtreme pro clean services". Any one have ideas, please? Thank you!

    By Amy

    Question: Commercial Cleaning Business Slogan

    I need a commercial cleaning slogan for my business the "Awesome Cleaning Services".

    By Hetal from Newtown

    Question: Slogan for Cleaning Company

    My company name is Men In White Cleaning Services. Any ideas of what motto/slogans suit this?

    By Nora

    Question: Jingle Ideas for a Maid Service

    Can someone suggest to me a tricky jingle for Millenium Maid Service?

    By Tanmay from Ahmedabad

    Question: Slogan Name Advice for a Cleaning Service

    My cleaning service is named No Dust R Us. I am looking for a slogan.

    By Victoria from Lubbock, TX

    Question: Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas

    I am starting a commercial and residential cleaning service in the Chicago land area. The company name is Medina's Cleaning Service. I would like ideas for a slogan for my business.

    By Secilia