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Painting Glass Lamp Shades

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I have white glass lamp shades on my kitchen chandelier. I want to remove them, and spray paint them a "color".

My question would be, what is the best paint to use, where to purchase it, and if anyone has painted glass lamp shades with "success"? I am a huge fan of "spray paint", but never used it on glass shades.

By MJo from Spencerport, NY


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By Mary Lou [14]02/02/2011

If you use a faux glass paint like Gallery Glass by Decoart, please follow the prep instructions that come with the paint. It does not come in spray that I know of, you may have to paint it on by hand. Or you could try spattering it on with an old toothbrush. Be sure do this technique inside a paint tent. These can be made from a cardboard box with one side cut out.

By Mary [5]02/02/2011

First, wash the shade with TSP. Make sure it is clean! If it is "glossy" you may have to sand it first. Your local paint or craft store may have a paint that you can use. Perhaps the "stained" glass paint i.e. the one you use to make a pane of glass to look like stained glass. Make sure the paint is heat resistant, as a light bulb can give off a lot of heat.

By Sherri [6]02/02/2011

I know there is a paint you can use. Please go to your local craft store.

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