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Making Christmas Pins

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I would love to make some cute Christmas pins for the ladies at my church. Anyone have anything quick and inexpensive?

Karen from Clemmons, NC



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By Sandi [390]12/11/2008

Poor But Proud here! I know you! Enjoy the ideas!

By (Guest Post)12/04/2008

You can make deer pins with puzzle pieces. Paint them brown, paint or add craft eyes, black or red mini craft pom poms and glue a pin on the back.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]12/03/2008

Hi Karen,
Here is the link to a lapel pin pattern that I posted last year. It is made with ribbon, a safety pin and small Jingle bells. My granddaughter made these for family and friends at the age of 7. Quick and cute.
Harlean from Arkansas

By Karen [19]12/03/2008

Thank you to all who have sent your wonderful ideas! You have given me so many nice ones. Have a very, merry Christmas and may God richly bless you!

By Judy B-T (Guest Post)12/02/2008

Take and old jigsaw puzzle.
Spray paint the colored side and sprinkle with glitter.
Put a pin on the back. We made these and used a childs puzzle for the pin because they are bigger.
We used a 500 piece puzzle and made earrings.
Good luck!

By Brenda11/30/2008

I made angels last year for the grand angels school teacher gifts,
use macaroni- a box each of the bowties, rigatoni, small elbows and orzo; small wooden beads for the heads, and a glue gun and white craft glue and glitter and paint
the rigatoni is the body,
with the glue gun glue the bead to one end for the head and
glue the bowtie macaroni to the back for the wings, , and the elbows to the front for the arms ,
coat the bead with white glue and roll in the orzo to make "hair" , then spray paint it white , and put more glue on the wings and hair, sprinkle with glitter, I like to use the clear or white glitter so it sparkles just when the light hits it , you can use a fine sharpie marker or paint brush and paint a face if y ou want or just leave it blank use the glue gun and glue a pin to the back ( the jewelry ones you can get at a craft store)
you can make tons of them for just a few dollars, I had so many I gave them to everyone! the grocery clerk, the toll road person you name it they got an angel

By Wendyb (Guest Post)11/30/2008

I have made some cute Christmas (and Halloween) pins out of Shrink Art (like the old Shrinky Dinks). You simply lay the Shrink Art on a coloring book and trace, then color, bake and hot glue a pin to the back. You can even personalize them with names. If you aren't familiar with Shrink Art google it and you will see many can buy it at most local craft stores.

By Lynda [4]11/30/2008

Purchase a pkg of the smallest decorations you can find. I personally get small "gift boxes" (measuring about 1/2"x1/2"). They will be bright red, greens, etc and have tiny bows. They are peel and stick decorations for gifts. Peel and stick on earring backs with posts. These make the cutest tiny ladies' gifts. I frequently make these in about 10 minutes and give them to the ladies at work, my hairdresser, the lady who delivers our mail, etc. Have fun!

By julia (Guest Post)11/29/2008

I made some pins out of dough a few years ago, but I don't remember the site I found them on. They were really cheap to make. I made holly with berries and other christmassy shapes. Maybe you could google it.

By LuLu (Guest Post)11/29/2008

Here's a link to a Christmas tree pin made from puzzle pieces: ... sr_gallery_4&listing_id=17650477

And here's another one if you like to crochet -- it's a Christmas wreath:


By okwes (Guest Post)11/28/2008

A cousin of mine made trees and snowflakes out of puzzle pieces, paint, and sequins.

By ginnee (Guest Post)11/28/2008

Here is a link to a really cute button pin.

By KL [3]11/28/2008

These would be quick and cheap and customizable. I have seen the flat back marbles at craft stores and also dollar stores. There are several types of pin backs you can use including a stick pin type. For the picture you could use cut outs from greeting cards, wrapping paper, images printed off the computer, hand drawn or stamped etc.

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