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Value-Priced Clothing Catalogs


I am looking for some womens clothing catalogs that have reasonably priced value-conscious casual clothing in misses and plus sizes. Most of the catalogs I receive have an "upscale" price to match the upscale image. Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!



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By hwalz (Guest Post) 04/02/2005

Have you tried This is a mid-west chain with great discounts and sales. No catalogs but a web site and in-store sales.

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By Bonnie (Guest Post) 04/02/2005

Tori, try They have some very nice clothing at reasonable prices.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 04/02/2005

Try Roamans, JC Penney has a plus size catalog and I like Blair, too.

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By badwater 263 654 04/10/2005

I like this company. I'm a plus size gal.

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By lori (Guest Post) 04/02/2005

go to
they have tons of magazines

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By Suzie (Guest Post) 04/03/2005

Check out They have great quality clothing in misses and tall sizes.

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By claudia (Guest Post) 04/03/2005

Anthony Richards has a cataloq and an online address. They are from Cleveland Ohio. They have sales and markdowns in the back that are very economical . None of the you must buy 2 or 3 to get a better price I think it is www.

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