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Rotten Onion Smell

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Has anyone ever experienced a strong odor of rotten onions in just one place in the house? It is not the fridge, not the cat box, and not the trash bin. It has been going on for more than two weeks. If anyone has had this problem, do you know the cause and what has been effective in removing the noxious odor?

Bonnie from Richmond, VA


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By AmandaLee05/14/2015

I have this exact same problem!! I will check under the fridge again (didn't notice a drip pan last time...) but it does seem to be coming from that area!!

By (Guest Post)09/05/2008

If you have an iMac computer.... they have a history of smelling after being 3 or 4 years old... if not look it up in Google :P

Editor's Note: If anyone has link information about this, please post it. I could not find anything about this at all. I also have had a couple of Imacs and don't remember any smell issues.

By Bonnie from Richmond (Guest Post)11/12/2006

Thanks for all the suggestions. The rotten onion smell was indeed a drip pan way in the back underneath the fridge. This pan had about a 1 mm thick layer of moist (but not wet) black slime in it, the smell of which just about incapacitated the poor guy that stuck his nose in there to see if that was the source of the smell. Probably should have sent a sample off to be tested at some toxin lab.

By Julie (Guest Post)10/20/2006

Could it actually be potatoes? I had an awful smell in my kitchen a couple of months ago and couldn't figure out where it was coming from! It smelled odd too. Somewhere between a rotten onion and something that you couldn't put your finger on. Finally I remembered that my husband put a bag of potatoes in our old newspaper basket and a couple of the potatoes had rotted and started to leak. It was pretty disgusting!!! It took awhile to get the smell out. Good luck finding the smell!

By siris (Guest Post)10/20/2006

I've had the smell, even called the Health people in a rented house. It was a basement drain that needed a cover. They were backup sewer fumes.

By ellen wagner [18]10/20/2006

Sometimes when plastic gets old it will smell like that. I had some plastic food containers and a plastic shampoo cape that started smelling like rotten onions. I had to toss them out. You might check/smell of anything plastic. Hope you find it.

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)10/20/2006

have you checked the tray under the fridge? or for grease deposits under the stove? have you got a garbage disposal that could be gunked up?
is this only in the kitchen or do you smell it when you come in the house?
my two year old grand-daughter was playing "store" and hid apples in my drawers and in jars in the cabinets and in anything that would hold them. could you have a similar problem?

By Cheryl [7]10/20/2006

Have you checked under your kitchen sink? or your drain line under your fridge? I haven't had this issue, but just thinking of other places you could possibly check that you might not have done yet.
Hope this helps, I hate odors myself, so I feel for you.


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