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Determining the Value of Sterling Silver Trays


Where is the best place to take silver serving trays and other pieces to get them priced? I don't know if they're worth anything. I have accumulated them along the way. Some are my mom's wedding gifts (1944), some are from when my dad passed away (he found them left in the last home he moved into). I don't know how old they may be. Mine are from when I married in 1976. But the others may be worth something. They are labeled: Wm Rogers 171, Royal Rochester 3496, Webster Wilcox Oneida USA, Rogers and Bro. 1719.

By Gayle from Rochester, NY


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By Lilac 20 1,329 06/04/2010 Flag

Does the silver say sterling? Does it say plate? These are things you need to know before trying to find the value.

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By metroplex 82 416 06/05/2010 Flag

I'd take them to an auction shop, a very very reputable one. They should be able to tell you just about everything you want to know about them.

Silver hit an all time high a few weeks ago, so if you've got solid sterling silver, you've got a gold mine. If you have silver plate, who knows, maybe they're worth something right now too.

Good luck!

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Question: Determining the Value of a Silver Tray

I have a silver serving tray. How can I tell what it is worth? It's about 13 x 16 inches. It is stamped with: Rogers Bros. Made and Guaranteed by Mariden Company 295 1/2. Below that is a 20. It weighs 5.2 lbs and was dated and engraved March 15th, 1917.

By Pam N.

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By Lilac 20 1,329 03/05/2012 Flag

Your tray is silver plate not sterling. It's value would be in whether there are any worn spots where the plate has come off. The best way to find the value of this is from an appraiser at a good jewelry store. Another thing that would encrease the value is the pattern. Often people are searching for pieces to match others they own.

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