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Ice Cream Cone Bath Gift

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Ice Cream Cone Bath Gift teaser

There is nothing sweeter than seeing a child get pleasure from giving a gift to someone that they made with their own hands. Here is a great little gift, complete with a cute poem that they can give to Mom.

Approximate Time: time will vary


  • bath salts
  • nylon spongies
  • soap rose buds
  • plastic container with lid
  • pipe cleaner and one bead
  • copy of poem, if desired

Supplies for Ice Cream Cone Bath Gift


    All supplies for this project were purchased from Dollar Tree. The spongies were a 5 pack so you can have enough to make at least 5 ice cream cone gifts for $3.00. Once done, you can slide the finished gift in a cello bag, gather and tie with a pretty ribbon. Roll a copy of the poem and slide it under the ribbon. Be sure the child signs their name so the person receiving it will know what little elf it came from! The triangle you see on the side of the container is just a corner from a napkin added for looks.

  1. With help from an adult, gently poke a hole in the center at the bottom of a rose bud. The pipe cleaner only has to fit through it so try to make just a small hole. Bend one end of a pipe cleaner into a small loop. Now bend that little loop so it is laying over on it's side. Slip the other end inside the rose and through the hole. Pull the pipe cleaner all the way down so the loop goes inside the bud.

  2. Spread one spongie apart so you can see the center where the cord is tied around. Place the rose bud on top of the cord and wrap the pipe cleaner around tightly, 2 or 3 times. Make sure the rest of the pipe cleaner is straight and under the sponge (opposite side of the flower). Soap Rose on end of green loofah.

  3. Clean and dry your container. You can cover the side with brown construction paper if you want and make criss cross marks on it to look like a cone but this is not necessary. Ritz Bitz and Country Crock margarin plastic containers

  4. Poke a small hole in the center of the lid and slide the pipe cleaner through until the sponge and rose sits on top. Slide a bead up the pipe cleaner, under the lid and all the way up. Bend the pipe cleaner behind and around the bead until it's all curled up. This will keep the sponge on the lid. Bead holding green loofah to other end of plastic lid

  5. Pour some bath salts into your container and put the lid with the spongie and rose on. Purple Bath salts in plastic container

  6. Write the poem below or have an adult print it out for you. Be sure to sign your name!

Note: You can insert a different name such as Grandma in the poem.


"For Mom"

Ice cream and water do not mix
The cone just floats to the top
The ice cream makes things murky
And leaves no bubbles to pop

But this is a very special cone
I made it just for you
Not from a store or sweet shop
Neither of those would do

I made this one with my little hands
Here's how to enjoy this treat
Layer by layer, take it apart
This really will be neat

Fill the tub with warm water
And toss the rose bud in
Hold the ice cream in your hand
Then pour the cone stuff in

Get in, sit back and rest a bit
You really deserve this treat
Cause you're the best Mom in the world
Even though you have stinky feet!

By Mary from Florida Completed cone gift.

About The Author: Mary is half of a creative team on a craft oriented website. Here you will find pages of free projects and patterns in a wide variety of categories, with an entire section made especially for kids. There also is a gift shop where you can purchase unique handmade items such as collectible dolls, toys, and home decor. They offer free sayings, tips, ideas, and humor. Enter their contests for a chance to win great prizes. Visit them at:


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By Sandi [390]12/21/2011

If I still have little ones, and I got this, I would never be able to use it. It's just tooooo precious. Thanks, I will keep this one in mind for my aging relatives.

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