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M&M Halloween Costume

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All buy material big enough to make a big circle, front and back, with solid color material. Allowing neck hole, arm holes & a way of putting it on. Sew or mark a big "M" on the front. Stuff the costume so it would fill out or balloon out. Could wear black or white tights. Go as M&M's candies! This would be cute as a bunch, all different colors.

By Terri


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By Sophia (Guest Post)09/13/2008

Me and 3 friends are going to be m&ms and we want to know where they have white gloves for sale, but not that expensive help me out where do you get them.

By carol (Guest Post)10/29/2007

I am making my grandson M&M costume for Halloween. He is almost two. I cut out 4 big circles using my turkey fryer pan. I sewed two of the cirlces together, leaving a little bit open to put the stuffing in. Then turn right side out. Then I stuffed and closed up. On the computer I made the "m" using Word, the font size 650, the font Rockwell condensed. You can sew the letter on or iron it on. I put straps to go over the shoulder and straps to tie on the sides. Good luck

By Nikki (Guest Post)09/25/2007

Could you give me directions for the m&m costume for a 6 month old and a 2 year old?

By marnee10/05/2005

This is EXACTLY what I'm doing for my 3-year old this year. I actually took her to the fabric store to pick out her color - she chose Hot Pink.

Thanks for confirming my "how to".

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