Making Salads Ahead of Time


I make a up salads for individual servings, ahead of time. I usually make four at a time and this requires a lot of chopping and cutting up celery, peppers, onions, eggs, etc. at one time. I use the cheap paper plates to put each vegetable on after I have chopped them up.

Then when I need to add them to my salad, I just fold in the paper plate and use it as a funnel to put the right amount of vegetables on each salad. It is so easy and then I just discard the paper plate. This just gives me more control of how much I use and keeps things separated till I need them.

Also, I add a paper napkin to the top of the salad to absorb any moisture. I put on the lid and store in the fridge. I hope that this helps any salad lovers out there. I am on the Atkin's diet and I do eat a lot of salads. Have a great day!

By Mary from Mendenhall, MS


By Lynn T. 1 9 10/14/2011

Something you might want to consider adding to your salad is peeled and chopped up zucchini. Raw it basically has no flavor so it's added vitamins without some gross taste. Peeled and cut in strips it goes well on a veggie and dip tray too.

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