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Cleaning a La-Z-Boy Recliner


What is the best way to clean a La-Z-Boy recliner? Especially where the head and arms are. It's either ultrasuede or leather. We bought it second hand. Thanks.

By Christie from Shreveport, LA


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By metroplex 82 416 10/13/2009 Flag

I'd go to a large hardware store in your area like Lowes or Home Depot and ask them. Can you find the manufacturer's name on the recliner? I'd email them and ask them for advice. You might be able to find an ultrasuede cleaner at Walmart or Target kind of stores. You could always Google, or with your question.

After cleaning the area, I'd check to see if one of those cloth sealing spray products would work to seal the cloth. Again, you'd have to find out if it can be used on ultrasuede/suede. I've used it on real suede shoes and new sneakers and it works. But again you might have an ultrasuede recliner so I'd ask the manufacturer. I'm sorry I don't know the exact name, but I buy it at my local grocery store, Kroger; I live in Houston, TX. It's in a aerosol can that looks like spray furnite cleaner. I don't know why, but the name DuPont comes to mind, but don't quote me.

If you know how to sew you can make covers for the arms and headrest. I can't help you there; the only thing I used when I have to hem something is paper fuser that has to be ironed on the fabric. You buy it at fabric stores, craft stores, Walmart, etc. If you sew, you could choose a coordinating fabric and I bet it would look great. Good luck!

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By Michelle Landreth 17 67 10/14/2009 Flag

I know you are going to think I'm crazy but this works! Take the chair to a car wash! The high pressure kind with the wand that you spray your car with. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law just did both their chairs. They are both very plush and thick. One of them is a huge over-sized chair.

The chair will dry in a day or so. Just put it in a sunny place and the water will drain to the bottom of the chair and dry. You can even put a couple of box fans around it to help with the drying process. Just be sure and grease the reclining mechanisms or spray with WD-40 to prevent rust. This works like a charm.

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By Joan 13 1,479 10/14/2009 Flag

I would think any upholstery cleaner would work.

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By Joan 13 1,479 10/14/2009 Flag

There are also some places that you can buy leather cleaners. If it is leather or vynal I would try a cream type shoe polish. You used to be able to get them in a neutral color, or look for a polish the same color as the leather.

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