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Oiling Hair Clippers

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Does anyone have a thrifty idea for oiling your hair clippers used for cutting hair? I don't really want to buy that tiny tube of oil if I can help it. I've already tried vegetable oil and olive oil on two occasions, only to have the blades gum up. Any tips are welcome. Thanks.

By Dawn


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By mellie02/08/2010

Use mineral oil. I used to work for a company that manufactured commercial grade food machines, and that is what they used on all of their slicers to keep them lubed and running well. Any knd of cooking oil will just gum up the whole works. To remove the gummy oil, use nail polish remover.

By Karen02/08/2010

Try using mineral oil or WD-40 to oil your hair clippers. My dad used to use 3-in-1 oil for his.

By Cajun [55]02/06/2010

Mineral Oil. Turn the clipper 'on' for a few seconds, then wipe dry.

By kathleen williams [23]02/02/2010

I use sewing machine oil ,good luck.

By OliveOyl02/02/2010

You might try WD-40 or the 3 in 1 oil available in hardware stores. But if you use the clippers frequently it might be best to buy the clipper oil as it will probably perform best. It is on Petco's website for $3--is there a Petco near you? Or try Sally Beauty supply.

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