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What Does "Owl's Grease" Mean

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Does anyone know just what the meaning is of "owls grease"? I just can't find it anyplace. Could it be something to do with wisdom and the grease to keep it going? Undying affection of anyone who can tell me. mimamakitty


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By Tracy03/19/2009

My father was a champion skeet shooter. There is a lubricant product called "Slicker Than Owl S**t." (No joke-it's really called that!) He has always used it on his guns to keep them in good condition. I think you will find it among the sporting goods or hunting merchandise.

By Cathy03/18/2009

"Slicker than owl grease": (Old timers used to render the lard out of an owl and use it as grease on wagon axles and other things.) "That icy road is slicker than owl grease."

By melody_yesterday [213]10/16/2005

When popular home remedies against disease and ailments did not suffice, residents of smaller rural districts at the beginning of the 1900s fell back on the advice of pharmacies, for at that time doctors were still scarce in outlying areas of Finland. In this pharmacy in Maaninka district, North Savo,the row of medicinal bottles is watched over by a snowy owl. The owl was considered to be a bird of omen and a symbol of wisdom, associated with mysterious powers, and was also used in folk medicine. Its blood was used as a medicine for asthma and as an aid in beauty treatments. Girls rubbed owl grease on their hands and thus bound their dancing partners to themselves for life. The owl in Maaninka pharmacy undoubtedly lent added prestige to the apothecarys and chemists trade.
(Photo: Finnish Literature Society)

By Seagrape (Guest Post)10/16/2005

I used to hear the expression "slick as greased owl poop" when I was a kid (long, long time ago). I think it refers to something really, really slick or slippery.

By Kathie (Guest Post)10/15/2005

I think what you're talking about is "elbow grease". All that means is that you have to scrub hard to get whatever it is clean. Hope this helps.

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)10/14/2005

When I was a kid..............way back when......that referred to owl poop. It was a sneaky way to say a "bad" word back then! times have changed!

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