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Storing Cut Avocados

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Does anyone have any tips for storing avocados after they have been cut into? Should they be refrigerated? Is it best to leave the pit in, or take it out?

Laure from Maryland



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By Sami (Guest Post)08/22/2008

The absolute failsafe way to store a cut avocado and stop it discolouring is to wrap it in tin foil and put it in the fridge. My brother is a chef and all the restaurants store them that way. Wrapping any vege in foil will keep it longer too.

By jsw (Guest Post)04/23/2008

I agree the best way to store avocados is to splash with lemon juice with the pit still intact, put in a plastic bag and in the fridge. Another good way to enjoy avocados is make a wrap with hummus, avocado covered with some lemon juice and salt and pepper. Yummm!! Warning: you'll get addicted!!

By Warren D. Lockaby [2]02/21/2007

Oh, and yes, by all means if you're going to keep it put it in the fridge. The idea is to keep air off of it, but it will also need to be kept cool. I wonder... I haven't tried this, but I wonder how it would work to put a thin film of olive oil on the cut parts before putting the plastic wrap on them. Has anybody tried this?

By Warren D. Lockaby [2]02/21/2007

The best way I've found to store them once they are cut is, either with or without the pit (I remove it) wrap it in Saran or other plastic wrap and press it close to the flesh, admitting no air. You can brush it first with citrus juice but as others have noted that will mess with the texture. I very seldom have any left over; I just fill 'em with mayo (somebody mentioned "Best Foods" and I believe that is the same as "Hellmans" here in the Southeast, and unless I make my own that is all I use), sprinkle with paprika and maybe a touch of garlic powder, and woof it down! I love those things. (And I'm gettin' hungry!)

By Gene Blythe02/17/2007

I lived in CA also and I sure miss it. You can spread butter on the cut edges, leave the seed in if you want to, and it will keep pretty good. you can easily cut off the brown edges and eat the rest of it. Always handle gently so as to not bruise them or that part will go bad quickly.
the geni.

By Coreen Hart [73]02/17/2007

I almost forgot. If you're more hungry than a few slices will satisfy, make a sandwich with whole grain bread, Best Foods mayo, avocado slices and salt. Mmmmm.

By Coreen Hart [73]02/17/2007

In my humble ( and totally prejudiced) opinion, the best thing is to peel and slice the remainder, splash with lemon and salt, and quickly eat it before anyone sees you getting more than your share. I had a giant tree in California, and I never gave any away. I used to make guacamole and freeze it. My Mexican friends leave the "bone" in it to prevent browning.

By Laure (Guest Post)02/17/2007

Thanks for the tips everyone! I love avocados on sandwiches or in salads, but they are expensive here in MD, and I hate it when they go bad before I can finish them. I will definitely use your tips!

By Michawn [16]02/16/2007

Yeah, the lemon juice can make it mushy. I cut what I need, flop the half back onto the pit side, throw in a plastic bag and in fridge. Out here in CA where they are more abundant and we've grown up with them, a little brown doesn't scare me too much, I use it for sandwiches and such anyways.

By jsham (Guest Post)02/16/2007

I store a smooth cut half on a plastic lid in the fridge. Just be sure the avocado is sort of 'sealed down' to the plastic. It will keep well for about 24 hours this way.

By Jessica Slocum [1]02/16/2007

yes be sure to refrigerate them after you cut into the avocado. I've always left the pit in mine. I suggest storing it in a plastic container and adding a little lemon juice to keep it from turning brown.

By Me (Guest Post)02/16/2007

I've done that & it makes the avocado mushy because of the acid in the juice.

By (Guest Post)02/16/2007

Growing up in California we used to steal Avocado's right off our neighbors tree. (he was a tolerate man) But the best way to store an cut avocado is to leave the pit in the center and liberally splash with some lemon juice. Then put in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. This should keep it from turning brown. The lemon juice also helps to seal in the vitamins that would get lost to the air.
Debra in Colorado

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