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Buying an Environmentally Friendly Boat

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A row boat floating in the water.

Owning a boat can be fun and you don't have to harm the environment to use it if you shop carefully. This is a guide about buying an environmentally friendly boat.


Solutions: Buying an Environmentally Friendly Boat

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Tip: Buying an Environmentally Friendly Boat


I am moving down near the water and I would like to buy a boat, ideally a motor boat. I was wondering if there is an eco-friendly way to go about this. Are their eco-friendly boats with motors? Any info or tips would be appreciated.




Whether you're moving to a place near saltwater or fresh water, it's a good time to buy a new boat! The most eco-friendly boats are still those that rely on humans or wind for power, but great strides have been made in the past few years in the development of cleaner-burning, more fuel-efficient boat motors as well as a surge in electric motors. Starting in 2006, the EPA will require all new gasoline boat engines to meet tougher emission guidelines. If you're buying a used boat and motor, look for 4-stroke engines or 2-stroke engines with direct fuel injection. These engines reduce air emissions by up to 75% and use from 35-50% less gasoline and 50% less oil. They are also easier to start and maintain, and less disruptive to wildlife due to quieter running engines.

Here is a link to a page that talks about electric boating (and using solar and wind to recharge batteries). This page also has numerous links to other sites on electric boating.

Shop for high quality, well-made marine equipment that will last a long time.

For Eco-friendly boating practices-motor boat specific visit the Union of Concerned Scientists site on green motor boating.

By Ellen Brown

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