Use Aluminum Foil for Scrubbing Pans


If you have a really dirty pot or pan and don't have time to soak it, make a ball from aluminum foil and use it like a scrub pad to clean the pot. It works well and saves time.

Source: My mother

By Mary from Geneva, OH



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Archive: Recycle Aluminum Foil as a Scrubby

I have started keeping my "used" aluminum foil and reusing it for a scrubby. I use it to scrub my pots and pans and to clean anything stuck on the stove or counter.

By bjarrett from Cameron, Missouri

RE: Recycle Aluminum Foil for Scrubby

If you're used foil is clean enough to use as a scrubber; I'm thinking it would be much thriftier to simply not use the foil in the first place.

All kinds of wraps, foils and paper towels are expensive and bad for the environment. (04/29/2009)

By dh8

RE: Recycle Aluminum Foil as a Scrubby

I think that's a great idea! Granted, other forms of scrubbers are more ecologically sound, but I still have to use foil for certain cooking methods. Just yesterday I threw out a piece of foil and thought to myself that it's terribly wasteful. Keep in mind, too, that Reynolds is now producing foil that is 50% recycled! Yay! We have no recycle centers in my area of Michigan, and can only recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans if they contained (I can't believe this!) *carbonated* beverages!! Juice? Nope. Milk? No again. I do a pretty good job of recycling or reusing household materials, though. I have one of those big, wheeled trash receptacles. My neighbors, regardless of family size, all put theirs out every week with the containers bulging and the tops propped up by the trash inside. I put mine out once a *month!"

This will be a great saving. Thanks for the terrific tip. (05/03/2009)

By pollylev

Archive: Crumped Aluminum Foil Works as a Scouring Pad in a Pinch

When you are out of scouring pads (or are on vacation without any), use a crumpled piece of aluminum foil as a scrubber. It takes a little bit longer, but it does the trick!

By Loris

Archive: Recycle Aluminum Foil for Scrubbing Pans

If you are cleaning pots and pans and find out you have no scrapper to get of the stuck on food, pull out the foil. Just tear off a piece of aluminum foil, wad it up in a ball, and use it to scratch off baked on foods from skillets, pots and pans. It works wonderfully in a pinch!

By Sallyfreebird from Alvarado, TX