How to Find Out-of-Print Sewing Patterns


The sewing pattern companies reuse their pattern numbers. So, when you are searching for an older pattern you need to know not only the pattern number you are searching for - but when it was printed, or a description of the item so that you can find it. Simplicity 1234 could be a dress one year and a few years later it could be a shirt pattern. If you can't find a pattern you wanted from years past, here's some links:

How to find out of print or discontinued sewing patterns:

McCalls Out-of-Print Patterns:

Simplicity Out-of-Print patterns:

Sewing Collectibles and Vintage Patterns:

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By cybergrannie (Guest Post) 02/27/2008

Thanks for all this this great information.

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By Janice C. 18 710 02/28/2008

Thanks for all the fascinating info.

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By jane jones 3 11 03/03/2008

Thank you SO much! I had a couple of patterns I really loved, but couldn't find in my current size any more. Now I might be able to

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By BronSum 1 06/21/2013

Also try www.patternpostie.co.nz the have a huge range of recently out-of-print patterns at great prices and the post anywhere.

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Question: Sources for Sewing Pattern Instructions

I can't find the instructions for a pattern I want to use. I looked on the Simplicity website and it was not there either (neither is my pattern). Any help appreciated! This is a short set for youngest granddaughter.

By Suan

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By Maile [49] 08/03/2011

You didn't' mention what type of pattern it was...dress, pants, top, etc. I'd be more that happy to help, if I knew what it was you were sewing. I've done everything from my own wedding gown to swimwear, lingerie, suits, etc. Garment construction is pretty basic, just like building a building.

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