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Freezing Homemade Cream of Potato Soup


Can homemade cream of potato soup be frozen? It has cream of celery soup, milk, onion, carrots, ham and potatoes. Thank you in advance!

By jmz2005 from IL


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By mcw 80 1,752 04/23/2009 Flag

Yes, all kinds of soup can be frozen.

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By Mary 10 67 04/27/2009 Flag

Anything CAN be frozen; the questionable part is its quality when it's defrosted. Frozen milk gets watery when it's defrosted, so you may have the same problem with the soup. Maybe you could add some half and half or cream when you reheat it to counteract that. Either way, it would still be edible.

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By Debbie Jennings 3 43 04/27/2009 Flag

If you have chunks of potato, they tend to get a little mushy and mealy when frozen. I personally would can the potato soup in a water bath canner. It's not hard to do. Debbie-Jenn

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By Phyllis 1 10 04/27/2009 Flag

Care to share that Cream of Potato soup? Sounds lovely. Thanks.

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By Jennifer 2 04/27/2009 Flag

Yes, I mash my potatoes and put them in. I make enough for 3 meals at a time. I freeze the extra for easy weeknight meals.

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By janice 61 218 04/29/2009 Flag

Thank you all for your help and advise. Here is the basic recipe, a adjust to whatever I have on hand at the time, or whatever my tastes are for that day.

3-4 potatoes, diced (can peel if desired)
diced onion (to taste)
1 can cream of soup (I have used chicken, celery, mushroom, all are good)
1 can chicken broth (can use water, just enough to cover potatoes)
shredded carrots, optional
evaporated milk (I didnt have any at time, so I mixed powdered milk, have also used 2% milk)
salt and pepper to taste
can add shredded cheddar cheese

Cook potatoes, carrots and onion in broth (or water) till potatoes are mushy. Do not drain. Add remaining ingredients, and heat thru (do not boil), stirring occasionally, and if using cheese, heat till cheese melts. I also added cheese to bowls after putting soup into them. Very easy, tasty, and can be frugal. If you want it a thinner soup, add more milk.

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By janice 61 218 05/03/2009 Flag

Thank you for all the responses. It has been put in freezer.

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By Ben Borgman 12 09/02/2009 Flag

@ Debbie-Jenn : Water bath canning is only safe for acidic foods with pH < 4.6 (eg. peaches, apples, tomatoes + citric acid). For non-acidic foods, water bath canning does not get hot enough to prevent the growth of botulism. Use a pressure cooker to can non-acidic foods, it's the ONLY safe way!

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By Suan Boone 3 10 08/01/2011 Flag

I tried this and it was terrible!! So, I vote no. When I went to use the soup mit was very grainy.

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