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Removing a Windex Stain on Wood Table

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I left a bottle of Windex on an oak table for awhile. When I picked up the bottle, now there's a stain on the table. How do I remove it?

By Laura from Jefferson City, MO


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By Laura Brown [2]04/19/2010

On how clean is you house if wood is discolored. Kim and Aggie say to take some coffee weak or strong according to the darkness needed and wipe it on wood to put back the color. Hope this helps.

By Laura Brown [2]04/19/2010

Have you tried lemon oil?

By LanaL04/19/2010

If it is like a water spot. I had great success refinishing an antique table with lots of spots. Mix toothpaste (I used a brand name baking soda and peroxide one) and baking soda. Place on spot and rub it out. I also like to use the Old English oils. Hope that helps.

By Lilac [20]04/19/2010

It isn't a stain. You removed the finish. You cannot use windex on wood. There was probably a drip down the outside of the bottle.

By abrupt_silence [5]04/19/2010

Take some mayonnaise (yes, the type you put on your sandwiches), about a teaspoon or two usually does the trick. Dab it onto the stain and let it sit for 20 minutes or so and then wipe it off. It gets rid of most any water ring stains on nearly all types of wood, and it's cheap as well as being something that you may have pretty handy.

By Cyinda [214]04/17/2010

You probably removed the tables stain & finish, you'll most likely have to sand & re-finish the table's top, but you could possibly try Old English Furniture Polish Scratch Repair. It comes in Light & Dark depending on the color of your wood. But I suspect you'll need to refinish the whole table.

For water-marks on wood (that aren't very bad) some people recommend buffing with a blend of a cream toothpaste (NOT gel) mixed with cigarette ashes. You could try this, then use the Old English furniture polish afterwords. If you search ThriftyFun, you will find the exact directions.

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