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Black Oil Pastel Crayon on Clothing

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I need help! I have dried clothes in my dryer and have found a black oils pastel crayon melted on all of my clothes. Help how do I get them clean. They are brand new!!! I just washed them once.

Debbie in Illinois


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By Robin (Guest Post)10/29/2007

Black lipstick washed and dried with clothes. How do you get it off?

By paul (Guest Post)04/27/2007

Do you know the RIT website. I have tried but cannot find it.

Editor's Note: Here is the Rit Dye website:

By Carolyn (Guest Post)06/10/2004

Try turpentine - cheap, easy to find, and it worked for me!!!

By Linda (Guest Post)06/07/2004

On whites, try RIT color remover. Check the RIT product line, they might have something that will help. They have a website.

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