Killing Weeds With Vinegar


If you spray vinegar ''at what rate?" will you be able to grow other plants in the same area? Does the vinegar sterilize the ground or how long will it keep weeds from reappearing?

By Nellie


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By Deanj 05/02/2012

I sprayed some moss with 100% vinegar and it killed the moss. It also killed the grass that abutted the moss. That was about 4 weeks ago and the areas that I sprayed have not turned green. So, it will be some time before any grass grows in those areas.When the weather turns better I will put down some lime in those areas to see if that helps the grass grow again.

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By cheri_bah_zing 1 03/25/2013

Vinegar is a great weed killer, even better with dishsoap in it (the soap acts like a bonding agent) It will kill anything.
But unfortunately it changes the soil so that nothing will grow there after it has been used. Bleach is better 50/50- it doesnt hurt the soil and doesn't harm the environment. It dissipates after about 12 hours.

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