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Cleaning Burnt Sediment Of Your Coffee Pot Burner

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Does any one know how to keep or remove the burnt sediment off of your coffee pot burner?




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By Kim. (Guest Post)04/07/2005

Two methods have worked for me.

Vinegar and table salt mixed and scrubbed with.

A little more expensive, the Dawn Power Wash in the dark blue spray bottle will remove ANYTHING!!! I use it on the coffee pot, coffee maker, tea pitcher, pots, pans, anything grungy.

By badwater [264]04/07/2005

I worked in a convenience store, what we always did, was take a wet cloth to the burner while it was hot (watch your fingers!) We never needed any kind of cleanser for it, just a bit of 'elbow grease' and it was clean.

By Melissa [3]04/07/2005

Wash your dishes with a Dawn wash and toss scrub thing. They get tossed after each washing. Then I scrub out my coffee decanter with it. It has just enough soap leftover to clean it and the scrubby part doesn't get too abrasive.

I also clean out my coffee maker with vinegar when I start to see a build up.

By Barbie (Guest Post)04/07/2005

If it is seriously burned on you could use an oven will have to wet and rinse well but it should remove it........or let a paper towel soaked in ammonia sit on it over night.....

By CarolAnn_421704/06/2005

Try wetting a paper towel with a half & half water/vinegar solution and let it sit on the burner after it's turned off but still warm. If that's not strong enough then try scrubbing with a baking soda & water paste after. Good luck!

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