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Treating Hard Brittle Toe Nails

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How do I soften toenails that are hard and brittle?

By Joellen from Bloomington, IL


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By Molly Ringer05/20/2010

Olive and jojoba oils are fantastic. Try to swipe it on daily.

By DONNA Q05/17/2010

Hi! Chances are you have "fungus". The most economical thing to do is spray your toenails with "Listerine" mouthwash, at least 2 to 3 times a day and then before bedtime! The gal that used to do my artificial nails said it is caused by not drying your feet after showering! She said to turn the hair-dryer on them! Hope this works!

By Rachelle [16]05/09/2010

I found an article for treating hard toenails.

<p>If you hate wearing sandals because of your fungus infested, yellow, and cracked toenails, do not overlook this article. I will give you a very useful home remedy that is sure to heal up those brittle nails in no time and have you prancing around barefoot and fancy free.

<p>Difficulty: Easy Instructions
<p>Things You'll Need:
<li>Vics Vapor Rub
<li>soft socks

Step 1
I have suffered from "ugly feet" for a long time. I was sick of wearing socks and loafers everywhere, in order to hide my disgusting toes. I received many suggestions on how to treat them. Many said there was medicine you could take, but it was very expensive.

Step 2
Then, my good ol' grandma told me about a home remedy that really works. She had used it herself. She said that all you need is some comfy socks and a jar of Vicks Vapor Rub.

Step 3
You apply the Vicks on every toenail, trying not to get very much on the actual skin.

Step 4
After the Vicks is applied, put on a pair of comfy socks.

Step 5
Leave the socks on overnight.

Step 6
In the morning, remove the socks and wash your feet with soap and water.

Step 7
Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results. You should see drastic improvement after the first time.

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