Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start

I have a Husqvarna rider that won't turn over with the plug in. It turns freely without it.

By Billy from Huntsville, AL

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Plug is either too long, or something is going on with the head of the piston, causing it to seize.

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Try switching out your carb, or you can rebuild it. Sounds like your needle is sticking.

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My mower won't start. It has new fuel and a new filter. Gas does not pass through the fuel pump. There is a spark from the spark plugs. I tried spraying starting fluid into the carb, it still does not try to start. I am stumped.

By Mike U. from NM

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I just had the same problem. My neighbor figured out at the top of the gas cap there is a hole. It was plugged. Worked great after that.

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I have a Husqvarna YTH1842, it has been starting fine. But today when I turned it off to check the grass catcher and tried to start it again, it wouldn't start. I stopped several times and started it each time just fine. Now it turns over good but back fires and will not start.

I checked the plug and fuel filter, took the fuel filter off and blew through it and the gas line. I got bubbles in the tank, so that was good. I checked the air filter, have fresh gas in the tank, the plug was dry and looked good, but the gas filter was not full of fuel, should it be? I hope someone can help me with this.

By Edie

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Here are some common reasons why mowers wont start: I did some research on the web for you. One reason is that you do not have all the components to make it start. It takes only 3 things to make a gasoline engine operate properly:





Water in the gas tank! Look in the tank and see if you can see a bubble of water underneath the gas (gas floats on water).

Another thing to check is the shape of the spark plug.Is it corroded? Does it have too much of a gap between the electrodes?

Have you checked the oil? Make sure it's filled properly with the right weight oil.(usually 10w30 works,but look in the user manual,it will tell you what type your lawn mower uses.

Drain the old gas from last season and add fresh gas.The old gas can be added to your vehicles tank. If you have it over two thirds full the miniscule amount from the lawn mower will disperse and be burned off fine in your car. And after this season, buy and add a fuel stabilizer for the lawnmower so the problems don't repeat year after year.

As long as you are doing all this maintenance,check the blades for wear. If you know how to sharpen them,now's a good time,or buy a new blade and replace the old one.To sharpen an old lawnmower blade: Put it in a vise and use a large flat file and run it at the angle that's there already.File one side,then flip the blade in the vise and do the opposite side. To check for balance? Pound a nail into the side of your work bench and place the blade on it.If it hangs parallel to work bench you are done.If one side hangs lower than the other, you need to file the heavier side another time or two and recheck the blade's balance til it comes out even.

Another thing to try is spraying engine starter fluid into the spark plug hole,reinserting the plug and trying to crank the engine. Does it try to start and then die? Now you know the spark plug needs replaced or cleaned up and gapped correctly.

Also,clean the air filter if it's sponge or if it's paper replace it.Next,check the cable that operates the choke to make sure it's working correctly. Too loose and you won't get enough fuel in the carburetor, and the engine will run rough or not at all.If there's a primer button, make sure when its pressed that fuel enters the bowl of the carburetor, if it's a weak stream,then you may have a kink in the line or a blockage, or a hole. Remove the line and blow air through it to make sure it's clear and try it again.

Read more: ... _mowers_will_not_start#ixzz1P9ibJTvM

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I have a Husqvarna YTH1842 tractor mower. When I was mowing the other day I stopped for five minutes, then it wouldn't start. There was a lot of back fire. I changed the spark plug and the fuel filter, but that didn't help. Before the season I changed the oil for the first time. When changing the plug I think a little fuel (or carb cleaner) came out. I took off the air filter and sprayed carb cleaner in there and started a small fire. Please help.

By bfelon from Franklin, MA

Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start

Check your fuel. Mowers weren't meant to run on fuels with ethanol and it's starting to cause problems in cars and small engines (especially in areas where unscrupulous fuel companies are adding more than 10% to the mix). If your fuel is left over from last year the ethanol might have attracted water into the mix. (Just so you know, the "water out" products that they sell at the auto parts store are isopropyl alcohol and nothing more.)

Aside from that, let us know what happens when you turn the key. Is it turning over and trying to start or simply doing nothing? (06/20/2009)

By Valerama

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My 2002 Husqvarna riding mower won't start or roll freely. It is a YTH1746 with Kohler CV490S Crown Series engine. It got harder to start over the last month, I'd charge the battery and it would go. Then it quit starting at all. I replaced the starter. No help. I replaced the ignition switch. No help. I ran a jumper from the battery to the starter, and the starter would spin and turn the engine, but there was no spark that way for the engine to start. If it were a fuse, it wouldn't have failed gradually.

I have no manual and don't want to start tearing it apart without some better idea of what I'm doing. Maybe it's the spark plug, but I'll have to start unscrewing things to find that. When it ran, it ran fine. Also, when I pull the lever on the back so I can push it the transmission is still locked. I can rock it a little, but that is all. What do I try next? I couldn't even get it in the truck to haul to the shop now.

Tod from Flemington, WV

Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start

Sounds like the problem we had with our riding mower and it was the spark plug. (08/15/2008)

By Rae

Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start

Sounds like the solenoid switch. That is why you can jump it from they battery to the starter and it'll work. The solenoid cost under $15.00 (08/18/2008)

By Crystal

Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start

First I would take off the drive belt. It is very simple to do, that would let you know if its the motor or tranny. If it moves its the motor or electric clutch if it doesn't it's the tranny. I hear the tranny is way expensive. Hope this helps. Jim (06/07/2009)

By jdj599

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