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What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

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I am looking for a bedding set from Target from 2 or 3 years ago. It is a cowgirl quilt set really bright a colorful. Bright pinks and greens, orange, and teal with corduroy patches and a outlined pony at the bottom. Help. Please?

By Candy from Valencia, CA


Recent Answers

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By Judy Cottle [1]03/09/2011

We have a Big/Odd Lots Store in our area. They get a lot of discontinued items from other stores and sell it for about half the price. You might check there.

By Maya Lee [9]11/30/2009

I got some Waverly violets pattern which had been discontinued at Target, on ebay.


You can try ebay or or something like that. I don't know what happens to stuff that is discontinued but its worth a shot to look online.


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Question: Discontinued Target Window Curtains

I am looking for two "moonglow faux silk window panels" 54"WX84L" sold at Target about 2-3 years ago.

By Lydia H.

Most Recent Answer

By Lorraine Thibodeau D.12/03/2013

I did a search on google and found these curtains on ebay for $11. The link for ebay is ... ves_Valances&hash=item2a3440ba16
Good luck, hope this helps.

Question: Looking for Discontinued Target Stoneware

Where can I buy discontinued Target stoneware, Home Harper 16-pc.?

By Sue S. from Atlanta, GA


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Archive: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

What happens to discontinued items from Target? I'm looking for a comforter set. The Corsica by Westpoint Stevens sold only at Target if anyone knows where I can get 1 in king size please let me know. Jane from Lees Summit, MO

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

Try Goodwill for discontinued stock. I worked there and Target was the main supplier. Hope you find your pattern. Peg (08/11/2007)

By msburny

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

Try the local thrift stores. Then if all else fails try ebay. I used to order a lot from a catalog store in San Antonio. When they went out of business a lot of their merchandise ended up on Ebay. Ebay has a service whereby they will send you an email if something you need becomes available. I bought a denim coat from Sunbelt which I was too stingy to purchase from their catalog. Got it for 10 bucks! (08/11/2007)

By MartyD

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

If you can locate a store called "Tuesday Morning" or "Tuesday Mornings". They sell a lot of discounted merchandise. This store has locations in Indianapolis, where I used to live. I'm not sure if they have a website. (08/13/2007)

By pabk

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

I would check the website I found some dish ware for my mom that originally came from Bon Ton and is discontinued -- they stock things from lots of stores. Good luck! (08/13/2007)

By letter_to_the_world

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

I'm pretty sure that the products sold in the store are simply marked down to a discount price & put in a separate area. I know that after Christmas they have 3 or so isles of SUPER CHEAP Christmas decor items. *You may want to check the maker of the item to see if they have an "OUTLET STORE" this is where businesses like the glass maker Corning and others sell their Discontinued items. Many businesses sell their discontinued items at Liquidation stores or stores like Big Lots, Ross & Marshals. * When I was looking for an unusual color of dishes that I couldn't find in the stores any more, I found them at one of Cornings Outlet Stores. -----> On the web LOOK ON SITES LIKE THESE: (08/13/2007)

By Cyinda

Archive: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

I'm looking for a discontinued baby quilt that I bought at Target. My daughter was born on 9/11/01 and we left her baby quilt at a hotel on our vacation. I contacted the hotel, but no luck finding it. I really need to replace it. It was pastel patchwork, with stars, moons, and hearts. Any ideas?

Linda H from Carter Lake, IA

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

I used to live in Columbus Ohio and Target gave all their stuff to the Goodwill. I swear it was the best. They would give excess clearance items and then stuff that was slightly damaged. The items would be at the Goodwill and at Target at the same time. I totally miss going to those Goodwill stores. (04/03/2008)

By Laurie

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