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Keeping Lettuce Fresh

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Photo of different types of lettuce.

Have you been disappointed when you opened the crisper to get out the lettuce for a green salad, only to find it beginning to rust. The reddish brown tinged leaves are not very appetizing. This is a guide about keeping lettuce fresh.


Solutions: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

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Tip: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

Because I live alone, it's less expensive to buy a whole head of lettuce or leafy green vegetable than in a plastic bag all by itself. When I get the head of lettuce home, I cut the core end off and remove any leaves that are bad. I wring a small terry cloth towel out with cold water and wrap the head of lettuce in it. I then put the head of lettuce with the towel in a plastic shopping bag, press out the excess air, twist the top of the bag and fasten with a clothes pin or twistie. I put this in the refrigerator.

About every second day, I unwrap the lettuce and cut off any brown that may have appeared. I have kept lettuce for up to three weeks that are fresh and good. When you remove leaves, do not cut off with a knife. Just pull off or cut off with kitchen shears.

By Clara from Roswell, GA

Tip: Keeping Lettuce Rust-free

When preparing a head of lettuce, never use a metal knife. Always use a plastic blade. This will keep it from rusting (turning brown), so it looks and tastes so good. Works for me every time.

By dottie46 from USA

Tip: Keeping Green and Red Leaf Lettuce

My green and red leaf lettuce keeps for about two weeks. I wrap it in a paper towel, and then put in into a plastic grocery sack. I then store it in the crisper of my refrigerator.

By Laura from Golden, CO

Tip: Wrap Lettuce in Foil

I keep lettuce and celery in aluminum foil. That works for me.

By Anne from Sewell, NJ

Tip: Keep Lettuce in a Plastic Bag

I have found that lettuce will keep a long time (up to 2 weeks) if I start with a head of lettuce (not a bag). I pull off the amount of leaves I need from the outside of the head and leave the hard center intact. Then I wash the leaves and use them in whatever I am making. I wrap the rest of the head in a plastic bag and put it in the vegetable drawer until the next use.

By Linda from Mesa, AZ

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Here are questions related to Keeping Lettuce Fresh.

Question: How To Prevent Lettuce Rotting In The Fridge

How can I keep lettuce form rotting in fridge? The veggie bags with little holes are no longer on the market and I find the lettuce gets too wet in the veggie drawer.

Miriam from Southbury, CT


Most Recent Answer

By dakota127505/01/2015

You can still get Debbie Meyer green bags, bed bath and beyond is one of the stores, or Amazon.

Question: Getting Rid of the Rust on Cut Lettuce

I worked in a small deli for a few years, about 1970. They had a solution, that sliced lettuce that had rust on the cut edges was soaked in and it removed almost all the rust. Anyone know or heard what this solution could be?

    By Robert C. [1]


    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [10]07/09/2015

    Generally speaking, I slice off a fine layer of the cut side to use it again. It doesn't waste that much.

    Question: Keeping Lettuce from "Rusting"

    How do you keep lettuce from "rusting" in the frig and for how long?


    By Pamela M

    Most Recent Answer

    By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]07/14/2011

    This is a tip I got from a recipe newsletter, maybe this one. I live alone so I take a bag of my cut up lettuce (I use Romaine), And divide it so I have 2 ounces each in quart freezer bags. Then wrap a saltine in paper towel and put in with the lettuce. I have used lettuce that was 2 weeks old and it was fine.


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    Archive: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    How do people keep lettuce fresh? I have tried everything I can think of, and always have to throw half of it away.

    Marjorie from Michigan

    helpful tips

    With iceberg lettuce:

    1)core lettuce (slam the bottom on counter, and pull out stump)

    2)rinse lettuce, and rip in half so water drains out well. dry if necessary.

    3) place lettuce in a large tupperware/zip plastic bag, with a paper towel(to wick extra water away), change paper towel if it gets really damp.

    4)never put in the back of the fridge, could freeze.-------

    Another option: switch to romaine lettuce: filled with nutrients and easily outlasts iceberg lettuce. (04/10/2007)

    By Starchild in VT

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    I made veggie bags out of old terry cloth towels. I wash the lettuce, let dry, wrap in paper toweling and store in terry bags. Lasts much longer for me this way. (04/10/2007)

    By Lorrainez

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    I do not wash my lettuce until I need it. I wrap the head in heavy duty foil and it keeps fairly well. I find if I wash it, it gets more rust. I agree with Starchild in VT romaine lettuce has more nutrients(because it is darker green than iceberg) and keeps much better. (04/10/2007)

    By thriftmeg

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    I just got a salad spinner and love it. As soon as I get my lettuce home ,I break up and wash it. Then spin it completely dry. DRY is the key. Then put it in a zip lock or tupperware and it will last you about 3 weeks or more....but dry it ...if its wet it will get brown and slimy. (04/10/2007)

    By Hmac

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    For Iceberg lettuce, do not wash until ready to use. Wrap in dry paper towel and keep in a plastic bag. It will stay nice for a couple weeks. (04/10/2007)

    By Egerb

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    keep it in a large bowl in the fridge that has some water and a few ice cubes in it. Change the water and cubes every day until the lettuce is used up. Not a lot of ice cubes just about 3 or 4 and about 1 cup of cold water. (04/10/2007)


    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    thank you for all the responses cuz i wanna grow lettuce this summer and needed to know how on earth to keep the stuff lol :) wish you could freeze it somehow would be nice :) (04/10/2007)

    By Lynne

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    Put the lettuce in a large ziploc and put a paper towel in it to absorb wetness, also there is a website that tells you how to preserve veges, it is under the national center for food preservation. (04/10/2007)

    By nicole

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    I wrap it in 1 or 2 paper towels and just keep it in the bag from the grocery store. It lasts a couple of weeks for me this way. (04/10/2007)

    By Allison

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    I found out on another site similar to this one that wrapping lettuce, celery, carrots or peppers in foil will let you keep it for weeks. I presently have celery in foil for the last 3 weeks and it looks just like it did when I bought it. My bibb and iceberg and romaine lettuce is just as fresh as it was 2 weeks ago. There is just my husband and me and we don't use these veggies very fast. I used to throw away more than I used or bought just enough from the salad bar ($$$$) for a meal. Thank the foil folks for saving me mega bucks. (04/10/2007)

    By Fluffyone

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    When we went into food service, the owner of another restaurant told me to keep sliced or chopped lettuce in icy cold water. It lasts at least 5 days at home, but I never let it go that long in our food service concession, just in case. (04/10/2007)

    By coreenhart

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    The traditional Tupperware lettuce container worked well. From that, most have learned, as described below, to keep it in a plastic bag with a paper towel.

    I use romaine lettuce, because it is healthier. We just leave it in the original plastic bag. It stays in the veggie drawer. We only wash it when we remove a leaf.

    Not only that, but I chop this lettuce for salads, including celery and other greens, and store it in a sealed plastic container. It lasts all week. When I want a salad, I put one or two handsful into a bowl, then add freshly chopped tomato and anything else that appeals to me. (04/10/2007)

    By the Oracle

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    Romaine lettuce is stays fresh longer. (04/11/2007)

    By Linda

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    Store it washed, (and spun in a salad spinner if you have one) in a paper towel lined bowl, and then cover the bowl. It will stay amazingly fresh for a couple of weeks. The lettuce needs moisture, but not directly on it, which is why storing it in plastic bags usually winds up with it slimy. Paper towels keep the moisture in the bowl (or bag) without making it too wet. (04/12/2007)

    By Lynn Beth

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    After washing and drying it, wrap lettuce in a paper towel and further wrap cellophane wrap or a plastic grocery bag. It works. I also do this for fresh parsley and other fresh herbs, and they last in my fridge for an amazing amount of time. (04/12/2007)

    By sylviecyn

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh


    By margeth

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    Wash and dry and seal in Food Saver Canister. Lasts forever if you reseal it each time you open it. (04/12/2007)

    By Vickie

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    if you use a nylon knife instead of metal to cut it and then put what you don't use in a zip lock bag in the fridge it will stay fresh (04/13/2007)


    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    "The Willen Sisters" say to put burnt toast with lettuce. In other veggie's, I add 1 or 2 sponges, it absorbs the moisture and keeps a long time in regular plastic bags. (04/15/2007)

    By minymont

    RE: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    Tupperware lettuce keeper has worked for me for years same thing my mom used. (04/15/2007)

    By meoowmom

    Archive: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

    My tip is a way to save money and food with lettuce. I am a senior who lives alone. I buy the bagged lettuce because it is hard for me to cut up lettuce.