Ideas For Door Prizes At Womens Church Function


I am looking for ideas for door prizes for a womens function at church. All ideas are appreciated.

Betty from OH



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By joan pecsek 88 545 09/11/2007

How about candles or chocolates? All women seem to love both! Romance novels would be good, too.

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By Julia (Guest Post) 09/14/2007

Go to the Dollar General Store, if you have one near you. They have so many candles for $1, $2, on up to $7, and they are nice and smell wonderful! Also, they have bath and body goodies, too. Cheap, and always nice to get!

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By Robin Herrin 3 31 09/14/2007

My suggestion is to scour the stores on their clearance aisles which now that summer is ending you should be able to run across some good deals. For instance, my hubby and I ran across 3 decorator pump hand soaps marked down to 99 cents at a store the other day, we bought them and put them away for Christmas thinking we could bust the set up and have 3 separate gifts for less than a dollar! We found bubble bath the same way. Your local drug stores will have all their summer stock up to 75% off right now as will Walmart's summer aisle such as their plastic dinnerware, cups and etc. Picture one of those cute plastic margarita stemmed glasses with a clear bag of skittles or chewing gum or chocolates nestled inside.
Another good source for low cost new items is your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores.
Good Luck!

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By badwater 264 654 09/15/2007

Bubble bath is something I like to receive, or a gift card to a local store. Foods are iffy, with food allergies. A pretty date book or address book for her purse. Good luck!

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By Nicki (Guest Post) 09/15/2007

Day planners, candles, homemade soaps, body or facial scrubs, bath oil, craft store gift certificates, book store certificates, tea cookies, biscotti, chocolates, coffee gift certificates, jewelry cleaner, books, stationery, broach, scarves, gloves, warm socks, address books, journal and pen, small photo albums, frames...just to name a few ideas! Hope it helps.

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By Mary Koehler 8 270 09/15/2007

Maybe you could use small mum plants as table decorations and give them as door prizes. Seems as most women attending any group functions are older, and most of them do NOT need any more STUFF. If not the plants, then whatever you decide to use as table center pieces would be the door prize.

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By Angela Grice (Guest Post) 09/15/2007

I'm a Pastor's wife and so we are always looking for inexpensive ways to give door prizes. Sometimes, we purchase and/or make inexpensive decorations like silk flower arrangements from silk flowers and pots you can buy at the dollar store. We use these as decorations and then give them away as door prizes near the end of the program. One item, two uses! The ladies really like the "surprise" they get when they realize the flower arrangement they have been admiring all evening is going home with them!

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By Janice C. 18 710 09/16/2007

If you are a gardener or know one, get some small pots, some dirt and some slips of geraniums or cactus or whatever plants are available, and you can make lots of door prizes. If you make them a few weeks in advance, you'll have nice-sized plants to share.

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By Sarah (Guest Post) 09/16/2007

A medium sized calendar and a pretty box prefilled w/ all kinds of cards like "Thank you", "Happy B-Day"...etc. Top it off w/ a nice pen and your set.

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By LRP (Guest Post) 09/22/2007

I've always had people come up to me when they've won gift certificates at dunkin donuts (coffee)
If you contact one in your area they will donate them, for just a letter of thanks for proof of their donation.

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