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Christmas Gift Ideas for 30 Something Boyfriend

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I have known my boyfriend for 10 years. This is our first Christmas together as a couple and I have no idea what to get him. He's 31 and loves sports, but has everything he needs. I'm at a complete loss. Any suggestions?

By JerzeyGem54 from NJ


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By Suntydt [75]12/07/2010

Get him a "silly" sports gift. Or maybe get him a new item that would replace one he has used so much it is worn out (that would be past broke in).

By Lisa [2]12/06/2010

If you've got one in your area, you could get him a gift card to Academy Sports.

By cherie [2]12/06/2010

How about scratch off lottery tickets, a gift card to red lobster. Tickets to a sporting event.

By Joan [13]12/06/2010

I'm at a complete loss at the number of people that don't know what to get for their boyfriends, you people know them better than we do.

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