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Ridx Plus Rodent Repellent

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I have been hearing a lot about the Ridx Plus, which is a repellent against rodents and insects. If you have used this, what is your opinion? Thank you and God bless.

Betty from Summerville, SC



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By nannybug05/04/2010

I moved into a home that had been vacated for 2 years and had rodents, and bugs all over the place. I bought 2 of these and (knock on wood) I've had no more rodents and since the weather is warming up I've seen minimal bugs (as in roaches) one posting read as though someone bought them to rid the outside of rodents, that's not what they are for, they are for indoors. Please read directions before posting negative feedback about an item!

By Maria (Guest Post)12/15/2008

I live on a hill and I have a lot of this rodents running around chewing on my expensive plants and flowers. So I bought 2 of this device...well it seems like I have more now than when I installed this suckers...much more the rodents have began to be more aggressive than they were before. What a scam!

By Rog (Guest Post)11/21/2008

I bought it, what a scam.

By Rog (Guest Post)11/21/2008

I bought it, what a scam.

By (Guest Post)07/21/2008

I own Ridx Plus any it worked wonders for my house.

By Guest (Guest Post)06/30/2008

I thought it was a sham. Thanks for the warning maybe they will go belly-up !!

By CC (Guest Post)05/29/2008

Thanks for the post, you saved me from yet another sheister!

By Lloyd (Guest Post)03/08/2008

Don't waste your money or time. We found a couple insects in our house and ordered the product. Now we are having a very hard time getting rid of our problem. We suggest you go to your local feed store or nursery and have them suggest you a product to use. You stand a better chance of fixing your problem. Even after using the very sorry product they will not refund your money. Watch out for these people. I have video of the insects crawling even now. Sometimes on the device its self. If the above options are not available to you call an exterminator. Quick. Don't count on this device.

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