Dog Wakes Up and Chases Her Butt


Can someone please tell me what makes my mini schnauzer jump up out of a dead sleep and chase her butt, as if something was sticking her? She has no worms, as I keep up to date on all shots, worming etc. The vet has her on an antibiotic for proctitis and her anal glands have been expressed twice within a 7 day period. This is driving the dog crazy. She spends a lot of time looking at her butt.

Kathy from Tarpon Springs, FL



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By (Guest Post) 11/19/2008

I have a Lab that does this once in a while. The best we can figure is that there is some sort of "no-see-ems" buzzing around that area. Sounds like you take good care so I don't think it's fleas, but maybe a flying bug of some sort. I know our Lab is wicked bad about it in the summer time.

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By GMILES7854 (Guest Post) 11/19/2008

Oh my. I have a mini schauzer also. Maybe the vet can tell you what the problem is. Good luck

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By (Guest Post) 11/19/2008

Our cat had pain in his back end and he was on steroids for it, from the vet. He used to wake up out of a sound sleep with it and jump up and bite at himself. Then he would lick his fur off. Perhaps there is pain there and an x-ray is needed. Our vet x-rayed our cat to find out. I hope your sweet dog can be helped :)

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By Dan in Connecticut (Guest Post) 11/19/2008

As many dogs do this as don't. I've had 4 dogs over the years and 2 were tail chasers. I'm a year from graduating from veterinary school and took a course in animal behavior. Chase their tails for the same reason they turn around 50 times before lying down. No problem! If it were anal gland they scoot their butt, but don't chase it, and the odor would let you know. I have a dog now that bites her nails!

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By Kathy 2 1 11/20/2008

Thank you all for the replies. I took Coco to the vet yesterday (for the 3rd time). He did take an xray of her back, She might have something going on there. I would need a cat scan to confirm and that is about $2000.00. Starting on Monday, Coco is going to take an anti-inflammatory medicine and let's see if this helps before doing the cat scan. We have eliminated OCD, because when Coco was on steroids ahe stopped doing it. The doctor doesn't want to keep her on steroids for a long time. We also eliminated her anal glands because they are not full. She is taking 2 antibiotics for proctitis and she is still doing it, therefore it is not proctitis. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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By Judy 7 9 11/20/2008

I have a lab who chased her butt. One day she licked at one spot till it was wet. I looked at it and there was a big sore. This was after I found one flea on her tummy. Doc says she is alleric to flea saliva. Fleas will hide around the butt. Good luck finding the problem.

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By guest post (Guest Post) 11/21/2008

I have a mini poodle with various gastrointestinal issues. I keep her on probiotics, ie; Culturelle over the counter. It is tasteless and can be sprinkled over the animals food. Animals as well as humans which are on drugs like antibiotics often need to replace the good flora or bacteria in the intestinal tract. Your dog may be experiencing an overgrowth of Candida (yeast) which is causing an irritation. My vet said it was perfectly safe to use. I also, occasionally add a Tbsp. of no fat plain yogert to help also. Maybe gently wiping the anal area with a nonsented baby wipe might offer some relief. Good luck hope this helps your dog be more comfortable.

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By dwheeler 01/12/2010

My miniature schnauzer does the exact same thing. First the Dr said gas, then they said his back was itching from the schnauzer acne they sometimes get, and then finally said it was anal glands. He emptied them a couple times, which seemed to help for a day or two but it never got better. Please let me know if you found an answer to this problem. It drives the dog crazy and i'm not sure what to try next.

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By Lizzyanny [9] 02/13/2014

This could be anal glands. They do get infected sometimes. It is pretty common. I was confused about your having seen 3 Vets however. Impacted anal glands is common and the 1st thing Vets check. Find a competent Vet...any infection can become systemic and potentially fatal. I takes about 30 seconds to clean out anal glands. Some folks do it themselves.

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