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"Twas the Night Before Christmas" Float Ideas

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I would like ideas for how to decorate a float. The theme is: "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

By Ruth from Sherman, TX


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By Tammie [15]11/22/2009

I would put a single bed with lots of pillows on the float and a summer sun tarp over that and paint it to resemble a roof. Use a cardboard chimney. Use a sheet as a backdrop for a fireplace, Placed at the front or back of the float as not to block the view. Have everyone in their night clothes with night caps sitting on the bed reading the book. Put Fake gifts at the base of the bed. Sounds like a cute float.

By Robyn Fed [388]11/21/2009

This sounds fun. I would make a list of all the nouns. Characters in the story and make them on the float, and then decorate it with lots of small Christmas trees, and have the characters decorating the tree complete with them holding all sorts of decorations and then have one holding a big book entitled the night
before Christmas. What do you think? Is this do-able?

Here is a link: Have Fun

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