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I have begun cleaning houses. I try to use non toxic items. I have a problem cleaning soap scum off of shower walls and the accompanying glass doors. I don't have a lot of time to spend, as I have a time limit in each home.

Annette from Cocoa Beach, FL



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By Stacia Heyn 1 6 12/03/2008

EarthStone. I found it at Walmart in the dish detergent area with the scrub pads. It is a Pumice Stone that can be used on glass, ceramic, porcelain. It works really great.It took off all the soap scrum from the ceramic tiles and porcelain tub. Just use with water. Vinegar also is a good cleaner too.

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By jeannie 12/03/2008

I use a wad of nylon net & amonia to shine up my tub. Nylon net is sold by the yard and very cheap.

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By mel (Guest Post) 12/03/2008

Try half vinegar, half ivory pure dish soap. It works great. You can use a little more vinegar, and a little less soap if you want. Just mix up in a spray bottle, spray and leave on about five to ten minutes and rinse. Leaves a nice shine to.

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By Cindy 12/04/2008

We have marble in the shower and a lot of the cleaners can not be used on marble. Be sure to read the labels. I use dawn and scrub brush, but it time consuming. I would like to find a faster way without ruining the marble. Good luck on your cleaning job.

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By jsham (Guest Post) 12/04/2008

I like baking soda. I just wet the tub, sprinkle on the soda, do the other cleaning in bath and then use a plastic scrubbie (that I have made from the plastic bags that onion, etc. comes in)give it a good wipe down, rinse and you're done. I use and empty parmasan cheese container to keep my soda in. If it is bad it may take a little longer the first time, but becomes much easier each time.

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By falldowngobump 1 50 12/05/2008

I save those bunched up nylon scrubbies ( that you get at the dollar store ) when they become old. Use a little baking soda or borax and scrub with those. I've also used cheap shampoo ( also bought at the dollar tree) to clean soap scum from the bathtub and shower. It seems to melt bath tub ring away quickly. If you get the scented shampoo (mango or coconut), it leaves the bathroom smelling great. A little on an old scrubbie goes a long way.

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By Janette 91 153 12/05/2008

What I have tried that works for me is hand sanitizer. It will clean I think almost anything. The bonus is that things just sparkle and shine after using it. I use it on mirrors and even on appliances. If the scum is really hard to remove I in the past have used spray on oven cleaner. I used the kind for self cleaning ovens. It isnt as harsh. This works wonders also. Hope this helps. ~Janette~

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By Susan 1 19 12/10/2008

I use baking soda for the slime from the water. But to clean, I use in a spray bottle 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar and about 10 drops of lavender/tea tree oil. You can use just lavender oil and make sure it is essential oil and not fragrance oil.

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By stacey (Guest Post) 12/21/2008

I also clean houses and I have found that the Mr Clean sponges work wonders. You don't need chemicals and they make taking off the soap scum a quicker and easier job. I buy them at Sam's club in bulk, they are alot cheaper that way.

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By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post) 01/14/2009

Strangely enough, using soap to remove its own marks seems to work. I simply put on a pair of those exfoliating gloves, lather up, and scrub over the areas. Rinse off. Hope it works for you as well as it does for me.

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By Nonja K. (Guest Post) 01/17/2009

I just removed what looked like years of soap scum from a shower and it's doors yesterday. My customer was in tears as she thought she'd have to replace them. Here's what I used...Dryer Sheets!

Just wet the door, rub with the sheets and rinse or wipe off. Repeat if needed. Then I shine with Method spray cleaner or Vinegar and Water.

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