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Using Vintage Railroad Spikes

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I have a box of vintage railroad spikes. Any suggestions on what to do with them? Ideas welcomed and appreciated.

anbsmommy from Spanaway, WA



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By Sunny (Guest Post)10/13/2008

1. They can be used as a border for a garden area or walkway with the spike heads wired or roped together and the point in the ground.
2. If you are good with wire, you can wire together around a clay pot after spray painting.

3. Paint each one individually to look like a person (Santa, Leprechaun, Doctor, Nurse, Train Engineer, etc.)
4. Put into wood (such as a log half or other thick piece) and create a coat rack for inside or potted plant holder for outside.
5. If you weld or such, you can turn them into knives, axes, swords.

There are a lot of uses for old spikes if you use your imagination.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]08/17/2008

You can weld or attach to a round pot and make a very unique planter. If you don't disturb the neighbors, you can make them into a simple chimes, using one in the center and then keys all around it or something metal like tubes of copper or even old silverware. Keep those creative juices flowing!!


If an idea doesn't come in that hits your fancy for what to do with them craftwise, I think you should do a little research on the net and see what they might be worth (their age, who made them, etc) on the open market and then auction them 'reserve' on eBay. Someone will most likely really want them since they are vintage ...

By melody_yesterday [228]08/08/2008

I saw one painted black & a miniature train was glued on top. I don't know one model scale from the next but the small train was not quite as long as the spike. It looked good!

By Cyinda [214]08/08/2008

Use bright shiny copper wire to wire them into a great piece of wall art. You COULD weld them, but then that would damage them, so I like the idea of the shiny copper against the old rusty spikes.

Another idea: You could make a coat or towel rack by hammering them into an older looking piece of timber. This rack may also be use as a key holder if you put larger rings on to your keys so they'll fit over the spikes.

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