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Non-Toxic Paint Remover Recipe

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I need home made receipe for NON-TOXIC paint remover.

Michaeletta from Tacoma



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By R.Jayapal (Guest Post)07/05/2008

We are using chlorinated solvent for paint stripping.
We want to remove Primer also (cold condition)

By Katie [3]03/14/2006

You can use a heat gun to soften paint which can then be scraped up.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]05/10/2005


Does anyone have the recipe for non toxic paint remover. My mother in law used to have it, it contained epsom salts, baking soda washing soda (or something else). It really worked, layers of paint came off in strips. It was also thick. Can anyone help?

Trina from CA


I can't find the one you mention but i have some links for you to find Nontoxic paint removers.

I hope this helps.

Post by(/font) (userlink:thr323775)Monique63(/userlink)

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