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Silking Corn On The Cob Quickly

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It's time to harvest and put up your summer veggies! One of the most dreaded tasks is husking and silking corn on the cob. I have a suggestion to make that chore a real breeze! You can silk a single ear of corn in 30 seconds by using an air compressor.

Shuck the corn, pass it off to your helper who has the air compressor nozzle in hand, and simply blow the silks away. I timed my son this weekend, and the longest it took was 45 seconds. The ears came to me clean as a whistle!

By Brenda from Greenville, AL


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By Brenda Norrish [1]07/31/2011

Here is a link to the best way I have seen to cook and de-silk corn cobs.

By Maryeileen [76]07/29/2011

Luckily a lot of stores and farmers' markets around where I live have boxes, etc. near the corn which allows you to shuck and de-silk the corn right there, leaving the mess at the store!

By Elaine S. [39]07/28/2011

That would be good if I had an air compressor, not many households have them.

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