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Brown Spots on Ripening Tomatoes


Why do I have rotting (dark) spots on the base of my tomatoes? They are in an earth box.

Hardiness Zone: 10a

By Catherine from Port St Lucie, FL


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Question: Brown Spot on the Base of Ripening Tomatoes

My tomatoes, as they ripen, acquire a black/brown area at the base. What is this? and how can I prevent it?

By John P

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By Marna Goodyear 5 38 12/17/2011

Blossom end rot and it's caused by a calcium deficiency. You can buy stuff but a cheap and easy way to prevent it is to put a handful of crushed eggshells in the hole before you plant the tomato. The calcium feeds the plant all season and it doesn't cost a penny.

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Archive: Brown Spots On Ripening Tomatoes

My tomatoes are beginning to get color but on the bottom of each tomato is a brown spot that grows as the tomato ripens. The inside of the tomato at the bottom is black. Any ideas?

Hardiness Zone: 8a

Judy from Yelm, WA


RE: Brown Spots On Ripening Tomatoes

Sounds like it could be a bad fungus infection. Is there any brown or rust color on the plant leaves? Check the underside especially as the brown/black seems to form only on the bottom of the fruit. If so, a mix of 1 tsp dish soap, 1 tsp baking soda in one quart of water sprayed on throughly and repeatedly should do the trick. No matter what; it's cheap and won't hurt the plants at all.

It would also be helpful if you could grow the plants in a drier, sunnier location if it's a mold. I just went through a rust problem on some lilies and this really worked well for me. (08/25/2008)

By NY_Gardener

RE: Brown Spots On Ripening Tomatoes

It is called "Blossom End Rot" and is caused by erratic watering schedules. The tomatoes are OK once you cut off the rot. (08/25/2008)

By Roz

RE: Brown Spots On Ripening Tomatoes

Also caused by lack of calcium in soil. I read that 2 to 3 months before planting tomatoes, mix some lime into soil. I myself am going to try this next year. Good luck (08/28/2008)

By lamaromasa

Archive: Brown Spots on Ripening Tomatoes

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I can't figure out why my tomatoes are turning black. I already watered them with Epsom salt a month ago. Can anybody help? I don't think it is bottom rot.

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By Joyce Wis from Janesville, WI


RE: Brown Spots On Ripening Tomatoes

I have a friend who had the same problem, so he called the "Cooperative Extension" in his area, and they said it was a fungus or virus that hit throughout the area (N.Y. State). He had to pull up the plants and then bury them. (09/16/2009)

By gloryb50

RE: Brown Spots on Ripening Tomatoes

I had the same problem almost overnight. Happened right after the last big rain. Didn't affect them all on the same plant, weird. (09/17/2009)

By msburny

RE: Brown Spots on Ripening Tomatoes

It's blight. I had the same thing on some of my tomatoes. A lot of the community gardens had it here in Massachusetts. (09/17/2009)

By mepurple

RE: Brown Spots on Ripening Tomatoes

It is blight, due to the excessive rain we have had. Some tomatoes are even falling off of the vine before they can get big too, a lot of people are dealing with this problem. (09/17/2009)

By tigressnite

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