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Buying a Wedding Ring With Bad Credit

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A couple buying a wedding ring.

A bad credit history can interfere with many aspects of your life. This is a guide about buying a wedding ring with bad credit.



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Question: Buying a Wedding Ring With Bad Credit

I want to propose to my girlfriend but I don't have the money to buy a ring right this moment, so are there any sites out there that you can buy now and pay later without good credit? and you can receive the ring before you get finish paying it off!



Best Answers

By Jade (Guest Post)01/15/2009

Some places do a layaway plan. Pick the ring, put down the deposit, then pay it off before the date.

Best Answers

By Mindylou (Guest Post)05/15/2008

Try they have month to month payment plans and pretty cheap prices. There are no credit checks and all you need is a credit card (I have bad credit too so I used a prepaid Visa card. You can get them at Walmart or Walgreens for like 5 bucks+ the amount you put on the credit card). Plus around Valentine's Day drops all their monthly payments to under 100.00 a month. Hope I helped!

Best Answers

By debbie l. lovett01/13/2005

Why not go to a pawn shop? They have some beautiful rings and don't cost that much.

Best Answers

By alley12/22/2004

I disagree that you have to have good credit before you can get married! While you definitely need to discuss your bad credit before the big day, so there are no surprises, marriage really is about love - not money. When my husband proposed to me, he didn't have enough money for a ring, so he asked in our families if there was a family ring he could have. My ring has green tourmanline instead of diamonds. This is perfect because green is our favorite color, and we don't want to see ourselves as every other couple.

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