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Removing Tape Goo From Walls

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How do you get tape goo off walls?



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By Debbie (Guest Post)05/09/2005

Try rubbing it off with something dipped in alcohol. It's much safer than lighter fluid, but slightly less likely to work. I put alcohol on a cotton ball or tissue to rub price tag goo off things.

By Diana [3]05/06/2005

Try Goo gone , availble at drug stores and hardware stores

By (Guest Post)05/05/2005

OOPS or GooGone, if the wall isn't papered.

By Ralph (Guest Post)05/05/2005

Keep in mind what kind of wall surface or finish you are working with, and consider trying one of these:

- Baking Soda (mix with warm water in palm of one hand, dab finger into this paste and try rubbing on "goo" spot - very mild, almost no abrasion, rinses easily, but use with care on any surface that could be damaged by water or rubbing.)

- Mayonnaise (put dab of mayo on spot and let stand 30 minutes or so, repeat as necessary - can leave oily spot on susceptible surfaces or finishes.)

- Lighter fluid (last resort -- Hazardous -- extremely flammable, bad fumes, can dissolve or damage or stain most surfaces. Not a horrible idea on something like a plain white refrigerator door, but very risky on most paints and, I should think, many wall papers. Use a tiny bit on a paper towel or Q-Tip. Will liquefy and spread "goo" as much as pick it up, but might break "goo" up enough so Baking Soda tip (above) works. -- Work quickly. Fluid dries in seconds and "goo spot" becomes "goo smear." When done (or given up), wash "cleaned" area with Baking Soda or dish-washing liquid. Residual fluid continues to dissolve susceptible finishes, and is still flammable until it evaporates completely. Ditto for used paper towel or Q-Tip. Wash them out in soapy water and dispose of carefully. Repeating: Using lighter fluid is risky because of the fire hazard and the possibility of damaging or staining the wall. If you're not comfortable trying it, then don't.)

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