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Having Someone Cremated in TX

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Does anyone know the steps to take when someone dies in Texas and the body is to be cremated? Does a funeral home have to be involved in the process? I have a close relative who is to be cremated and I want to be prepared because cost is an issue.

By Betty from Lubbock, TX


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By Joan [13]12/19/2009

I knew a young couple that transported their infants body in their car, from what I was told the wife had the body in her arms for about 300 miles.

By Stephanie [4]12/18/2009

When My Grandpa died my parents transported the body and that saved them a bunch. They had a van so it was easy to do. Different states can have different laws on body transport.

By Michele [18]12/18/2009

When my dad died we had him cremated. Call the funeral home and ask about prices. This is part of the business. When dad died my mom called 3 different funeral homes to get prices. They we all different by thousands of dollars.

By Joan [13]12/15/2009

You would almost have to contact a funeral home for this information. You should be able to do this anonymously. Unless you know where there is a crematory and it's name, I would think a funeral home would have to be involved. Now that I think about that would almost have to be the case anyway, for transportation of the body, unless you plan on doing that.

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