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I live next to a ranch. During the summer the flies are out in insane amounts. I was wondering if there is a home remedy or natural way to get rid of them? I don't want to use chemicals and fly tape only gets rid of a few.

By Chrissy


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By Wilmamacd 1 2 05/09/2011

Okay, this is going to sound like a way out there idea and it may not work on flies but I know it works on bees, wasps, and ants so here it goes. If you take some pennies (four or five nice and shiny ones) and place them in a Ziploc bag with some water. hang it up close to your doorways and they say it repels flying insects.

Hope it helps!

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By Frances Adams 11 557 05/10/2011

One part liquid dish soap, one part white vinegar, and 3 parts water in a spray bottle, shake slightly to mix, and spray on surfaces outside, such as the doors, outer walls, etc to keep flies from hanging around.

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By Charise 9 05/10/2011

I just read this somewhere. Apparently flies don't like the aroma of basil. Try putting out a few pots of basil next to your doors (outside). Even if it doesn't work on flies, you'll have fresh basil handy when you need it!

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By Kate Madsen 2 11 05/10/2011

The pennies in the zip lock thing works! Apparently the reflection of the water on the pennies does something to deter them. Sitting at my sisters one afternoon they were horrible. I had seen the bag/penny thing at an outside birthday party I had attended. They had the bags stapled to the rafters of the garage every 5 ft., to keep them away from the food. So we tried it. I actually saw them coming and then suddenly veer off up and over her roof! I will say that one bothered us after an hour. Maybe it was a blind fly? Anyway, give it a try.

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By Janice C. 18 710 05/11/2011

You and your ranching neighbors need spiders and spiderwebs. Years ago I read of a woman who bought a farm with a horse barn, and the first thing she did was clean out the barn, removing all the spiders and spiderwebs. She immediately had a terrible fly and bug problem. Finally she got smart, went to a neighboring farm and got some spiders and webs. End of problem. Just wear protective clothing and be careful not to get bitten.

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