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Protecting Hardwood Floor from Cat Pee


Is there something I can put under a rug to keep cat pee from getting on the hardwood floor? When I have gone on vacations, my cats pee on the rugs, beds or what ever they find that is fabric. Their way of saying they don't like me leaving. I was hoping someone might know what I can put under the rugs to prevent cat pee from going on my hardwood floor.

Stacy from Simi Valley, CA



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By Angel S. (Guest Post) 01/12/2009

Actually spraying vinegar on the things you do NOT want them to go on works wonders. They can still smell it long after it has dried and will avoid the area. It also works on dogs as well. Plus it neutralizes the odors of previous accidents in that spot.

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By diane 2 11 05/01/2009

Linoleum -- found out the hard way. lost a huge rental deposit. My cat was sick with kidney failure and shortly before she died she ended up with a kidney infection which caused her to go outside the box. The floor needed to be replaced. never knew she was doing it. I am allergic to animals and can't smell as well as most people. Definitely go with linoleum!
Good luck, Diane

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